Five Web Series’ to watch before you die!

Gotta little bit of time to sink?  I have been sinking my spare minutes for a while now in the wonderful world of the web series – a quick shamble about the web will reveal some really great and some really crap web series’ (and when I say really crap I do actually mean so shockingly bad you are almost embarrassed watching them).


We have spoken about web series’ before on Razberry Juice, and if you haven’t delved into the weird and wonderful world of the short, independent (mainly – although as soon as they get very popular a main stream’er picks them up), original, very often very funny, sometimes very good web series then now is a good time.

And what better way to start than with someone else’s top five!  So here we go my top five web series’…..but before I start, let’s talk about British web series’, my top five are all American – that is not to say that there are not British web series’ being made, I just haven’t come across any which have really floated my entertainment boat, BUT if you know of a really great British web series that we at Razberry Juice should be hollering from the roof tops about – then please tell us about it!

Number 5 – BURNNG LOVE

If you cringe at those awful reality shows where you get a whole bunch of vacuous self-obsessed single people together, and make them do ridiculous tasks, to win boring dates with one of the other narcissists on the show (the Bachelor, The Bachelorette etc.), then this could be web series for you, Burning Love is spoof parody show which follows the same format as the above mentioned ‘reality shows’, it is in places extremely funny and always very watchable.  Unlike a lot of web series’ it is very slickly made (Ben Stiller is one of the exec producers), with plenty of money obviously having been spent.  There have so far been 3 seasons, all of which have proved to be extremely popular.

Each episode is short enough to watch in your coffee break, and funny enough to ensure a grin.


I found Space Janitors after watching the Guild (keep going on this list), Space Janitors is a web series which follows the luck and lives of two janitors – Darby and Mike who live and work aboard a space station whizzing through space destroying planets and killing rebels (there is much of the Star Wars parody about it, with storm troopers (called Squall Troopers), and a Dark Lord appearing as a hologram  (called…..Dark Lord).

All in all, it’s extremely funny, well written and crucially the acting is very good, and not over the top.  If you go searching looking for a web series to watch (and check out below some links for places to start), then some you find are incredibly badly acted, the American made ones can suffer from over acting whilst the British made ones can suffer from a need to parody themselves.   But Space Janitors is Canadian, and suffers from neither of these issues, there are a few laugh out loud moments, with the stories flowing well.  Fingers and toes crossed they make some more this brilliant show.

Number 3 – MYTHOS

Another Razberry Juicer reviewed Mythos a while ago, (you can read that article and review HERE) and it was after this that I sat down and watched it, not a laugh in sight here, but the writing is great and acting very well done.  The lead actress (and writer) Miriam Pultro is a star in the making.  If you are a fan of the current craze on anything a bit mythological, and a bit fantasy, then Mythos will be right up your street.  Think – immortals, gods, the world, modern day, all on the brink of going wrong and add in a splash of humanity and you won’t go far wrong.  

As with a lot of independently made and funded web series’ Mythos episodes are very short, which means you can grab em in those few spare moments or watch the whole of series one all together as one big episode.

Highly recommended, well written drama.



Unlike all the others in this list, my Drunk Kitchen is not a scripted series instead it is the exceptionally funny and talented Hannah ‘Harto’ Hart, in her kitchen getting sozzled and attempting to cook. 

Yes, I will be honest, as a Brit there are times, when we all just want scream to anything comedic and American “WE ARE FUNNY NOT YOU”, when there is an acreage of overacting, and a total lack of sarcasm, and not one person denigrates themselves for the entire duration.  However Hannah Hart really is very very funny, extremely watchable and My Drunk Kitchen is at times flipping hysterical.  I actually think the older ones are the best – so if you want to give this web series a go, really do go right back to the beginning and watch the ones from the very start.

I make sure I always catch My Drunk Kitchen, it has propelled Hannah Hart to a decent level of stardom, ensured she doesn’t have to translate Japanese anymore and has set her on a course for eventual liver transplant, but its brilliant!  Watch it – that’s an order.


Number 1 – THE GUILD

The Guild gets my number one top spot!  As an ex-gamer, how could it not, it’s brilliantly funny and well-written (our friends at Kewel World recently did a full review of The Guild – you can read it HERE).  Felicia Day writes and stars in the Guild, which follows the lives of a group of gamers who all play together in a MMORPG (much like World of Warcraft – which was actually the game Felicia Day got a little lost in).   The characters are brilliantly funny, from the very first webisode, expect to laugh very often and very loudly.  If you have ever played a MMORPG you will recognise all of the characters, and if you have never played a MMORPG, you will know you made the right decision.

The Guild is a perfect example of how independent writers and filmmakers can achieve success; as after showing its worth, Microsoft came knocking and threw some money in. 

The Guild ran from 2007 to 2013, with 6 series and 70 episodes, all of which I wholeheartedly recommend you have a watch of.



Am I missing out a spanking super web series?  Tell us about it – at RazberryJuice, independent is our middle name and supporting artists, musicians and filmmakers makes us all warm and fuzzy inside – so ask us nicely and we may just feature you.


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