Flight Radar 24 A Fun APP With Bags of Use

If you are anything like me, and have spent a lot of time at airports waiting for that delayed flight – that one you’re long lost aunt is on, when you really could have been doing something far more interesting instead!  Do not fear – help is on hand in the form of Flightradar24,

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Flight Radar 24 is available for use on their website and also in app format – but enough of that – what does it actually do?   First off, the basics; you can literally see hundreds of planes that are up in the sky in real-time, at first glance it’s a bit of a shock, seeing all those airplanes flightradar24over London and it’s even worse if you take a look at the USA.  Makes you realise, no wonder air traffic control is such a stressful job!

There are two systems in use real-time ADS-B Transponders and in the US and Canada FAA data on a 5 minute delay, they are easily distinguished by using a colour code.  Getting some real-time information about a particular flight is done by clicking on one of the planes which brings up a pop up box with some interesting information such as flight number, origin, destination aircraft type, altitude and more, which as you would expect allows you to see where that all important plane you are intending to meet is in the sky!  Making it easy for you to check for any delays – hence no more waiting around airport terminals!

Overall this really is a very handy tool, which is even better in app form since you can take it with you.  However the web version does offer some nifty touches like being able to get a view from the cockpit with the use of the Google earth plug-in

A really handy little app for travellers and geeks alike!!