Gadgetry for the girls – six of the best

Who says only the boys get to have gadgets and more importantly lists of the ones you never knew you couldn’t live without….

Girl with laptopWe have scoured the web, we have trawled the ocean of the net and snagged 6 of the perhaps best, perhaps most interesting, perhaps most utterly pointless items that you simply cannot go on without knowing about and possibly acquiring.




 1. Two things that you wont necessarily put together are water and your computer, your computer and water, a usb connection and water, a light, Clock, pen holder, fish, water, and your computer! But luckily for us all someone else has…..the USB Fishquarium it truly is a little fish tank that you pop into a spare and willing USB slot where it will run happily, fish are not supplied, but a plastic plant and gravel is, but as if a fish tank (with a low voltage pump and under-gravel filtration system) wasn’t enough this little beauty also features multicolour interior lights, nature sounds, an LCD calendar, alarm clock with snooze, an adjustable overhead light and a penholder (calendar and alarm take 3 AAA batteries not supplied), (interior – 14 cm x 9 cm x 12 cm/exterior – 24 cm x 9 cm x 14 cm). It retails for $39.99.(US – if you can find a link to an UK supplier – please do furnish us with it).


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Yubz Artist Isaac Retro Headset (source  Whilst not being sure we would trot about with this super headset in the handbag we love love love it, tried to choose just one design but who are we to say which one there are just too many lovely ones!! The Retro Headset is made by the clever people at YUBZ. They make claims about cutting down the mobile phone radiation by 96% but being unqualified to comment – we shan’t – however we will say its fabulous, and great fun. With more and more of us having our main or only phone as our mobile phone, this headset fits into your mobile phone and gives you the comfort of a headset in your hand, chatter away with landline comfort on your mobile, (The Retro headset is designed to fit iPhones, Blackberry's, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and Samsung plus it also comes supplied with 5 other mobile adaptors and a USB adaptor which allows for Skype and calling), it retails at about £50.



3.  The Tip & Tilt Internet Radio, if you are in the market for an easy to use internet radio with rather a funky design and easy to use functionality – then this little gem could be for you. Via a USB connection to your PC or Mac, you can load up to four internet stations onto the Tip & Tilt Internet Radio and then to tune the Tip and Tilt Radio you just flip it over onto one of its sides, the volume goes up or down with a flip backwards or forwards! Its rechargeable battery apparently boasts up to 14 hours of use, and it has a headphone port at the back. The retail price is about £89.00.

Tip & Tilt Internet Radio (source

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iMusic Knitted Hat - wireless (source

4.  Got an ipod or MP3 player and are also partial to wearing hats to keep your noggin warm in the winter? If you can answer yes to both of those questions, then we bring you the iMusic Knitted Hat – wireless. No extra batteries are needed, this nifty headgear keeps your head warm and your ears happily listening to your favourite tracks! Retails at about £39.00 (has a standard sized jack so should fit any compatible player).


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H2O Shower Radio (source


5.  Who doesn’t like to sing in the shower? Well not us that’s for sure and we really like this Dragon's Den showcased eco friendly radio, the H2O Shower Radio, lets you listen to your favourite FM radio channels whilst scrubbing! It uses the water flow to generate power and fits – so they say – easily and quickly onto your shower, without the need for any special tools, powers or knowledge, it will entertain you whilst you shower and then continue to do so as you dry as the H2O Shower Radio will continue to work after the water goes off, using the extra power it stored during your shower. The retail price is from about £29.99.

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6.  Cold feet whilst gaming? Icy toes whilst checking Facebook? Chilly soles doing the online shopping? Tweeting with chilblains? You see where we are going with this…..a USB Foot Warmer could be the gadget for you, plugging easily and simply in a spare USB port on your PC or Mac at just £14.95 its the cheapest on our list, but definitely one of the most useful! It has a 125 cm cable, with a one size fits all cosy soft warm slot for your “plates of meat”!

    USB Foot Warmer (source