USB Gadgets – Stuff for Those Super Slots

Every few months its time for some gadgets!  I love those almost pointless – "oooooo I could and would really use that" moments!" 

Us girls love the gadgets as much as our male counterparts, and there is often no need to label gadgets, for the girs or the boys, but I thought I would find some fabulous, fun and probably absolutely unecessary gadgets – just for the girls!  

All these gadgets plug into a USB drive – from humble beginnings charging, storing and transferring, the little USB drive now has hundreds if not thousands of gadgets! 


USB NecklanceUSB Drive Necklace

My first offering is at a rock bottom price, and something actually I will be popping an order in for.  I have chosen the cheapest I can find on Amazon for ease, but there are plenty of choices out there, and really truly its scary how often I wish I had a memory stick about my person, and now I can have one about my neck. 

4GB Shinning Heart Shaped Rhinestone Necklace U Disk USB Drive 

If you need more than 4GB there are plenty out there.  

With this about your neck, no more will you be caught out memory stickless!  

At just £5.04 its a great gift for a tech savvy lady or perhaps (in my case) for you!  Prices if you want more than 4GB start at £6.50ish. 



Pink USB Flexible KeyboardPink USB Flexible Portable Rubber Keyboard 

Gotta be honest, and say this has made it to the list on the credentials of its pinkness, cos all us girls love pink right?   Perhaps a rather sweeping statement, but actually this USB Flexible Portable Rubber Keyboard which you can simply fold up, roll away, get wet and generally give a bit of rough treatment to!  Made from sealed silicone rubber, the keyboard is waterproof, dust proof, mud proof, coffee proof, sticky-kids-drink-proof and resistant to all those substances that make a keyboard icky and sticky, and if a drink does get spilled on it, just run it under the tap to wash it off.

At first glance you could be forgiven for a little eyebrow raising and brain wracking as to what you could need a keyboard in your pocket for!  But bear with, lets say in your other pocket is a fabulous, new swanky tablet computer, whose only downside is an annoying touch screen keyboard….you get my drift here this silicone keyboard teamed up with a tablet could make emailing, web surfing and gaming on the move a doddle! 

At just £12.95 from its money pocket friendly too! 


retro Desk accessoriesUSB Retro Desk Accessories

These three fun desk accessories combines the coolness of some retro design with a bit of USB modern functionality, each piece will look great sitting on your desk, and all are rather useful!  I am sure I cannot be the only the person who has spent hours staring in the abyss of between the keys on my keyboard, wondering exactly what that is. – if you have the USB Retro Vac attached, you can suck those offending items away!  The other two – a light and a fan are self-explanatory, and always useful.  If the Hilda Ogden school of style is your thing, then these accessories are for you! 

At  £18.99 for all three from they would make a perfect gift for anyone whose living room wall sports ducks in flight! 


Hot Cookie USB Mug Warmer 

We couldnt possibly do a feature about USB gadgets without popping in the enivitable mug warmer – humankind has leapt forward year after year, technology improving it seems by the minute!  But one thing that never changes is the fact that if you are busy your cuppa gets cold!  A travisty, which should not be allowed.  Not for the dieter perhaps this large cookie shaped USB Mug Warmer is liaible to remind anyone trying to shed those pounds just how good a biscuit can be dunked in the tea it is keeping warm, but for those of us whose waistlines are being allowed to slip nearer and nearer to elasticated waistbands, plug this little beauty in, and your favourite hot beverage will be kept warm and ready to sup! 

And at just £8.99 from it wont take too many 100's of cups of cold tea to be thrown away to have made up the cost! 


Toaster Hub and Toast Flashdrives 

I wasnt about to end a list of USB gadgets without including this little beauty – being able to keep everything you need on a flash drive is almost as lovely as toast – and lets be honest here, toast is a cure all and do all, what to have when you have no idea what you want = toast, what to have after you have had a dicky tummy = toast, the best cure for a hangover, when teamed with a cuppa = toast.  So if toast can do all that, why cant it also store your data?  

This ace gadget comes in two parts, the toaster hub, you can then purchase up to four 8GB toast flashdrives to pop in your toaster, there are four different colours to choose from, so if you are a light toaster, or a charcoal round the edges kind of muncher your needs are catered for. 

We found the Toaster Hub and Toast Flashdrives on at £17.99 for the hub and then £12.99 for each flash drive it isnt the cheapest way to store your data, but the novelty fun aspect is off the scale (if we are talking toast). 


For more USB Gadgets you can check out an older article HERE where we gave you the delights of a fishtank, and a footwarmer!