Fun in the Garden – 5 things you need this year!!

It is always with a light heart and spring in my step that I start any list with!

I am a big fan of the list, any kind of list in fact, I run my list by lists, often I think more for the pleasure of writing them than actually needing to.  There is something satisfying about a list – if it’s a list of jobs to do, you have a sense that the job is started just the writing of the list!  If it’s a shopping list, you can be chivvied along by a low level sense of excitement that chocolate appears somewhere on the list! 

It’s Spring, the sun is shining and it has definitely sprung, with May here, and well ensconced thoughts must predictably turn to the garden, and what better to start off with than a list and not just any list, but a list of fun in the gardens items and gadgets which could make your summer in the garden just that little bit more pleasant!

The Wellitop

As someone for whom the Wellington Boot dance, whereby you decide whether or not finding a big fat spider with your hand is better than squishing it when your foot stamps in the welly, and spend a good five minutes dancing around with the welly upside down in your hand, randomly hitting on anything nearby in the hope of dislodging a unwelcome guest, coming across the Wellitop was a wonderful thing…

Wellitop the brand new clip on wellington boot cover and carry top designed to keep your boots waterproof whatever the weather.Carrytop the ingenious design actually grips the boots so that when you pick them up with the handle you can carry your boots conveniently especially if your boots are covered in gloop. You do not have to get your hands mucky too. Storage the wellitop handle as a built-incord that means you can hang your boots up in the garage shed or home saving onvaluable floor space.Creepy crawlies wellitop will deter spiders, mice and other insects from making a home in your boots.”

Buy the Wellitop HERE for just £3.99


Picnic time yay…..sitting around on a old blanket pretending to be comfortably while your shoulders threat to dislocate themselves and walk home – not so yay!  The WickedWedge will solve all of your problems (disclaimer: all your problems refers to those concerned with uncomfy back whilst lounging around doing nothing, and the solving of problems is in direct reference to those problems and in way infers that the WickedWedge will solve all of life’s problems). 

“No more struggling to find a comfortable position while trying to relax in the garden, or chill out on the beach. The WickedWedge Inflatable Lounger is here to revolutionise your down time!

This inflatable, colourful lounger, complete with attached waterproof mat, provides a comfortable resting place and back support wherever you are. Great for use as a camping chair, at music festivals, picnics and on the beach; you can also use the WickedWedge indoors – it’s perfect for sitting up reading and watching TV in bed, or for use in a child’s play room, and can even be used as part of a recuperation programme when suffering from a bad back or illness.”

We found the WickedWedge on Gizoo, and you can buy it HERE for £12.95


Bosch Indego Cordless Lithium-ion Robotic Lawnmower

Time to notch it all up a bit, and any gadget that comes in at £1300 had better be super duper!! Hate mowing the lawn?  despise cutting the grass?  Then this could be on your birthday list this year!   A robot lawnmower is the ultimate in lazy summer day gardening….tell your loved one you are off to cut the grass, and that you could be some time……set off our lawnmower to do its job, grab a G&T and sit back and watch it do all the hard work!!

“The Bosch Indego – mows all by itself, so you can enjoy other projects

The Bosch Indego robotic lawnmower is innovative and packed full of features to enable you you can have a great looking lawn without the hassle. It mows your lawn, finds its way all by itself and always delivers the optimum cut thanks to ‘Logicut’. The intelligent navigation system from Bosch automatically measures your garden, calculates the shortest possible route and gets mowing in orderly parallel lines. Let the Indego take care of your lawn so you don’t have to.”

Available on Amazon at the eyewatering price of £1,399.99 you can buy it HERE

I didnt win the sack race at my School Sports Day ever not once, I think I came in a disapointed third once, but that was as soon as it got, I didnt no better with the egg and spoon race either, in if I am honest School Sports Days were never my finest moments.  But if you feel that way inclined you can, in the comfort of your own garden capture that School Sports Day excitement all over again, with these Sack Race, and Egg & Spoon Race kits.

Sack Race

“Have hours of hilarious outdoor fun with this great Sports Day Game.

Perfect for parties or family get-togethers and suitable for any age, the Potato Sack Race will having you laughing out loud as you race your opponents to the finishing line. Pack in the car for picnics and trips to the park for good old-fashioned entertainment the whole family will love.

The sports day set includes 4 printed hessian sacks and rules.”
We found the Sack Race on (we are reliably informed that girls can buy them too) and you can buy it HERE


Egg & Spoon Race

“Test your balance, skill and determination against family and friends with this traditional Sports Day garden game.

A great way to liven up alfresco gatherings, the Egg & Spoon Race offers simple fun for everyone. Who will be the first one to the finish line with their egg still on the spoon?”

We found the Egg & Spoon Race on (we are reliably informed that girls can buy them too) and you can buy it HERE

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