Gousto – your dinner in a box!

I have seen advertisements for a while now for Gousto, and on the recommendation of a friend, I finally recently got round to signing up!

For those not in the know, what is Gousto?

They say:

“Gousto is a recipe box company. We make it simple to cook good food at home, delivering easy-to-follow recipes and perfectly measured ingredients, right to your door. No nasties, no waste, just good food all round.”

Great words, but on the ground, when your Gousto box arrives, what does that actually mean?

Once you have gone through the sign up process, you get to choose your meals (2, 3 or 4 meals, either weekly, fortnightly or monthly).  The meals change pretty regularly and there is certainly plenty of choice, something to suit carnivores and vegetarians alike!

You can have your Gousto box delivered seven days a week, and I did choose Sunday for my delivery day, the box is packed in such a way, with ice and insulation that all the fresh ingredients can stay safe and sound for a good few hours if you are not in when the box is delivered.

What’s in the box?everything (excl. salt & pepper and cooking oil) you need to make your chosen recipes, and a nicely set out, easy to follow card giving you step by step instructions.

The recipes are all very well balanced, you receive full nutritional information on all the dishes and there are plenty of vegetarian and fish options!  Plus options for ten minutes to table and one pot meals.

So, that’s the basics outta the way – what about the actual food?

I can honestly say, it’s delicious and easy to make.

Gousto spicedThe first recipe we choose was “Spiced Chicken, Feta & Spinach Pilaf” – “The flavours of the Middle East and the Mediterranean merge in this simple, satisfying and wholesome plateful. You’ll coat chicken breast in a rich, flavoursome ras el hanout spice mix and serve over a fibre-packed feta and spinach bulgur pilaf, with a tomato and mint salad on the side for freshness.”   This was a great place to start, as it is honestly extremely easy to make and so very tasty (so much so it has since become a recreated almost weekly favourite).

At first glance, when you look into your box, there is a bit of a sinking feeling that there cannot possibly be enough food – but there is and it’s a really good wake-up call, because I think there is definitely the trend, certainly in my house, to cook too much food with too many ingredients, I can honestly say without too much evangelical zeal…., that Gousto has been a really great catalyst for change in my house!

Gousto BirWe then went for “Easy Lamb Biryani” – “Biryani, pronounced ‘beery-anee’ is the paella of Indian food. Traditionally, it’s baked in a clay pot for hours, but our easy one-pot wonder allows you to create a speedy (and tasty!) standby for busy nights that everyone’s sure to love. Biryani brilliance!” and brilliant it was, another example of simple and easy to make, with a few ingredients, but it was so tasty and filling, we thoroughly enjoyed this one!

The final dish in our first box was “Baked Moroccan Chicken & Spinach Orzo” –“Gently spiced with the mild, rich flavours of Morocco, this simple low-prep tagine is as delicious as it is easy to make.  Baked in the oven with orzo and tomatoes and served with crunchy toasted almonds on top, its sure to go down a treat with all the family”. Another great dinner, very easy to make and so full of flavour (the pictures do not show orzo pasta, as I dropped it and had to use what I had in the cupboard), this is almost a comfort food meal, very satisfying and tasty.

Gousto morAnd since those first three initial dishes, we have continued on our journey with Gousto, thoroughly enjoying every meal thus far!   After a couple of boxes you are sent a folder to collect all of the recipe cards, and that is one of the best things, all recipes are detailed with ingredients and methods and so you can make the meals again and we most certainly have been doing that, and this is where the surprise happens, Gousto has genuinely changed not only the way we eat, but the way we shop!, and this has seen us saving money!

HOW?   By realising that we not only cook too much food, but we throw in too many ingredients, has has led Gousto Mexus to not just eat better when we are following a Gousto recipe but to consider our meals far more carefully – deciding what we are going to eat each week and only buying for those meals has seen our shopping bill shrink a little – hurrah……

WHY, should I buy a Gousto box?  For many reasons – but for me as a busy working mother it has seen me being able to cook fresh food and enjoy doing so, everything is weighed out and measured ready for you with the recipe being easy to follow, so the time is taken up in the actual cooking rather than the preparation.  Plus its nice and fresh and crucially, it tastes so good!

Gousto Mex 2HOW much does it cost? – there appears to normally be a opening offer, which gives you a chance to try Gousto at a lessser price and then once the full price kicks in, depending upon how many meals you choose (2, 3 or 4), the price will go to about £4.37 – £6.25 per serving.

You can find Gousto HERE