Ebook Review – Grace by Samuel J Lumley

Grace by Samuel J Lumley is rather to categorise, there is romance, there is mystery, there is an absolutely coming of age element, there is even a little violence!  What Grace mostly is, is brilliant, and I truly don’t say those words easily, and even now when I do there are a few things I should qualify – yes, its brilliant, once you get past the first few rather slow chapters, and yes its brilliant even though some of the dialogue seems to go on rather too long!

Razberry Rating

Well written and edited, I found Grace a rather beautiful and sensitive read, however there is a shock coming as you reach the end of the book, and one which I confess I would have never seen coming in a thousand years.

Tony is a successful middle aged man, who when approached by a private detective is sent back in time to when he was 19 and the events which happened in just one summer, when he decided to hitch hike a lift from his home town, down to Cornwall, ostensibly to learn how to surf.  The book for the most part is set in 1960s Great Britain and the author goes to lengths to draw the pictures the reader needs to be comfortable in that era.  Descriptive and interesting, I loved all the references to life in the 60s.  The title of the book doesnt come from Mary, the woman who gives him a lift and together, somewhat unwittingly at first, they embark on a summer which will change both their lives forever.

The book goes from the past to the present day effortlessly, and I didn’t ever feel confused about where i was supposed to be.

A absolutely stunning book, in fact I would say its probably the best book I have read so far this year – and I do read rather a lot of books!

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About the Author…..in his own words…..

Samuel J. Lumley was born yesterday. Well not really, I was born in 1945, and Samuel J. Lumley is the name I decided to call myself after I had finished writing my first novel, Grace.

I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I left school and I’ve had various occupations during my working life. Bread salesman, Landscape Gardener, Milkman, Production Manager, Upholsterer, Work Study Engineer. As a result I’ve met and worked with a lot of people from various backgrounds and I’ve found that one way or another we are all characters in a story.

Looking back, I can’t say I found what it was I wanted to do or be. Writing Grace is the one single task of all the things I have done that gave me real satisfaction. And that alone is good enough for me. I think it’s a great story, based on real people I have met and real events I know about.