In praise of the Kindle


Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Multi-touch Display, Wi-Fi

In unashamed praise of the Kindle.

So its never going to be the coolest gadget, but Amazon's Kindle is fast becoming a must have, and at £89.00 for their standard version it really is within the grasp of many of us mere mortals, and not too pricey to pop on your Birthday or Christmas list without feeling guilty.

But as someone who loves books, covets them, keeps them and has always given them as gifts, why why do I love my Kindle so much?

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They are incredibly easy to use. It really doesn’t take a genius to set them up – when you purchase a Kindle it will be set up, against the Amazon account that bought it (easily changed if it was a gift!), and within a very short space of time, you can be browsing both free and to purchase ebooks.

There are some rather good free books to download from new and existing authors, it seems a really great way for a new author to get their books out there and read. I would think perhaps after spending months or even years writing your first novel, pouring your heart and possibly your soul into it, seeing it up for grabs for gratis may be a little soul destroying but to spin it slightly, it means books are being read and from the point of view of the author, the hope that the book will be enjoyed so much the reader will then go in search of more, and this time having had their appetite whet will be prepared to fork out for the next title.

Of course the fact that someone (perhaps yourself) spent out initially for the Kindle does somewhat mean that no book is actually free!

For an avid reader, I don’t think there is enough fuel in the purely free ebooks section to mean you will never want to purchase a book, and of course there will probably always be that best seller that you must have, but again for the bargain hunters within the paid offerings from Amazon there are some bargains to be had and you can expect to pay less than you would in your local bookstore for a printed on paper version. Once you are within the realms of your WiFi or in a free hotspot you can connect your Kindle and have your books downloaded within seconds ready for you to read.

But all of this information, much of which is blindingly obvious doesn’t really answer the posed question of why I love my Kindle!

I love books because they are beautiful, the more they are read, the more thumbed through they become, the more crumbs are stuck in the margins and corners turned down, the more yours they become. I view my Kindle in the same way, because the more books I download, the more I create my very own library in that small device, each Kindle becomes utterly tailored to its owner, I download what I want to read, it could be said no two Kindles are alike. There will be the Kindle of two or three books, rarely looked at, much the same as the houses where the bookshelves are dusted but the books never removed, and then there will be the Kindles like mine, bursting to the seams, no rhyme or reason to the contents just words, and I love words.

My Kindle is like my bookshelves, rammed full, thumbed through and loved, it just doesn’t collect as much dust, and I can take it on a plane without adding to that precious baggage allowance! Fiction Bestsellers