Is Comic Con 2015 Female Friendly?

Comic Con is famous for its gathering of people dressed up as their favourite superheroes, mainly taken from the most popular comic books. Still, it is easy to understand that the majority of comic book readers are men. How many times have women been upset because their boyfriends or husbands were too drawn in by their comic books, instead of helping them around the house? But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any women that savour comic books or have their favourite superheroes. There are many ladies out there that are also fascinated by this world and maybe did not have the courage to show it before. Back in 2010, when you saw a woman, or maybe a couple, at a Comic Con, you were tempted to believe they had got lost and ended up in the wrong event.

Fans dressed as Disney princesses ride the escalator as they get their credentials during the Preview Night event on Day 1 of the 2013 Comic-Con International Convention on Wednesday, July 17, 2013 in San Diego, Calif. (Photo by Denis Poroy/Invision/AP)

But times are changing, and women are more attracted to the world of comics and superheroes, either due to their male partners, their children, or just because they love it. The presence of women started to grow at Comic Con every year, with 2015 being a year when it is expected for their number to grow even more. Year on year has seen more women at the fairs, whole families, or even mothers supporting their children. But this year will be even greater for the women that will participate, as the chief marketing officer at Warner Bros, Lisa Gregorian, has something special prepared. She is already heavily promoting the company’s show, called “Super Girl”. So yes, we have all the reasons to say that Comic Con 2015 is female friendly and not only, as it invites all women that wish to feel like a superhero for one day, to come and have fun at the event.

If, in the past, the proportion of sexes participating at Comic Con fairs was 90% men and 10% women, in present day we are reaching a 50-50 ratio, and let us not forget that some of the veterans in the comic book writing and creations are female, like well-known Amanda Corner. It looks like women, are not afraid to state that they like comic books, shows and happily collect action figures of their favourite heroes – female heroes, of course!! It is the feeling of belonging to a culture where you feel comfortable with yourself, noticing that everybody around you has the same interests. That is what Comic Con is about, to gather people all over the world and help them join in a fun manifestation about their passion and hobby. Apparently, many women feel at home here as well, which can state only one thing, and that is that comic books and superheroes are a fun thing.

comic5So the ladies should start getting ready for the upcoming Comic Con edition for this year in the UK. This month is going to be a hot one, but not necessarily because of temperatures, as it is more because this worldwide phenomenon reaches British land. And since we settled that comic books and superheroes are not a hobby that is exclusively found in men, do not deny yourself the chance of having fun. If you are a mother, perhaps your young ones already know about the upcoming event. Thus, do them a favour and take them to Comic Con, as you won’t regret it. And to make sure you will blend in with the décor, do grab a mask or a red cape, and try to mingle with the crowd. It will be for sure a fun experience, regardless of your age.

Probably the best part about comic books and superheroes is that they do not age. Meaning that anyone wishes to read or see a story where a superhero saves the day can do so, after all, we need it to escape our busy, and sometimes unsatisfactory, quotidian lives. With the coming of Comic Con, everybody can have a great time and pretend, at least for one day, that superheroes do exist. So, if you are a woman (or of course a man!), there is no reason to miss this massive social movement, and think about your favourite superhero – the ones from when we were young are the oes which stick! For those of us of a certain age, there is no doubt we liked Superman. Most ladies appreciated his well-built body and gentleman nature. Indeed, a true classic of the comic books, movies, and even cartoons. It is not sure how many of the young Comic Con participants this year will think of that Superman, but he will remain a superhero that many will remember for years to come.

Or perhaps you grew in the glory times of Wonder Woman? Then it is time to enjoy those fun days once again, althoughcomic6 the current Comic Con will regard more actual superheroes. Still, regardless of age, women are more than welcomed to be a part of it. So don’t worry about being among the few women that will have the courage to participate because this won’t be the case. As mentioned earlier, the number of women at Comic Con is on a constant rise. Thus, you will be amazed to see young girls, to teenagers, young women, mothers and even grandmothers attending the event. When it comes to fun and celebration in such a large community, like the nerds and comic book enthusiasts, age and gender have no boundaries. Even David Glenzer, the PR and Marketing Director of Comic Con, stated that it was women that got him in this industry.

So, dear ladies, Comic Con is as female friendly as possible this year. It has been in the past years as well, as there is no record of not allowing women to enter. The only difference is that women chose not to manifest themselves in this manner, out of different reasons. But now, since the ‘gentle sex’ representatives decided that the Comic Con world is very suitable for them as well, the entire scene of the event is changing. And organisers and the rest of the participants couldn’t be happier. It means that more people are joining the same cause.