Julia Dweck – Interview with an Author

Julia Dweck is a children's author who writes delightful books.  All are available on Amazon Kindle Fire or via Amazon Cloud on your tablet or computer.  We loved reading and reviewing four of her books, and enjoyed chatting to her – see interview after the reviews, together with some useful links of where you can find out more about Julia and her books, and where you can go to buy them! 



Pie-Rits – A Pirate Adventure, was reviewed by Katie Silver


This is a gorgeously illustrated, delightfully written children's story!

Pie-Rits – A Pirate Adventure is the very charming tale of Cherry the Cupcake who is desperate to find her prince charming! Will the dashing French Bread Pierre be that Prince? Before she can find out, an adventure is to be had! As Cherry, Pierre and his flaky friend Victor set off to find the Pie-Rits and get back Pierre's dough.

Julie Dweck has a wonderful knack of almost rhyming which makes the whole story flow almost like a song! Its fabulous fun and the illustrations by Fian Arroyo just make the book! They are full of colour and character, telling the story in pictures as it unfolds in words!

Even though Cherry is looking for her Prince, don't go thinking this means that the book is for little girls only, it really isn’t, there is enough swashbuckling fun for little boys to love as well.

Pie-Rits is to be viewed on a Amazon Kindle Fire, but it can also be viewed on your laptop or tablet via Amazon Cloud, which makes it a great book to sit and read to your child, who can look at the lovely pictures as you do. I think it is only adults who lament a little the slow decline of the paper book. For a child being read a story off a screen with a beautiful vibrant illustrations is as fulfilling and fun as any story time has ever been!

Quirky and funny – this book made me smile the whole way through!  

Razberry Rating


Pandora's Box was reviewed by Kieran Martin

Pandora's Box

I was delighted to get a chance to read Pandora's Box to my two little girls aged 5 and 6. It wont take long before you quickly fall in love with this book. Following Pandora the penguin and her amazing discovery once again Julie Dweck’s rhyming is superb merged with the beautiful illustrations of Chris Robertson making this a delightful read.

How do I judge a children’s book? quite simply I look at my girls faces and this one made them light up even going as far as asking if they can buy a Pandora, can't recommend this one enough

Razberry Rating 




Where are the Dinos? was reviewed by Sophie Smart

Where are the DinosA visit to the zoo would be so much more fun if there were dinos to be seen?  That is the premise for Julia Dweck's latest children's storybook.  It is fun and informative, and I absolutely adored the illustrations, by Bob Ostrom.  

At the end of this fun book with its exciting rhymes and great illustrations is some really informative and educational facts just 'thrown in', in such a way that the child doing the reading (or being read to!) wont realise they are also learning a little, coupled with the mini drawing lesson from Bob Ostrom, its a really great and informative book. 

Suitable for boys and girls over the age of 4 (but I would think younger children will love this being read to them, and looking at the illustrations), as with all of Julia's books, it is well thought out, fun and a bit educational – a perfect combination. 

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Zombie-Kids was reviewed by Charlie Blair

Zombie KidsJust to give you an idea of how entertaining this book for children over six is, here is one of my favouite lines from it:

"My dog follows near me. His tail starts to wag. He's ready to run and play zombie tag."

At first look you might think this not the best choice for a childrens book, but trust me the kids will love it, yes its about zombies but its not that scary, its totally entertaining and beautifully illustrated by Mark Draisey and even though it feels like its aimed at boys I have no doubt girls will love it too, Julia has done a great job again. 

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About the author….in her own words

I began writing children’s books as a creative outlet. Some people paint or knit. I enjoy the process of using my imagination to dream up characters and stories. I’m also a teacher, so story writing is a natural extension of the literacy I teach in the classroom. About a year ago, my stories were picked up by a digital publisher. Since then, 20 of my stories have been produced as digital eBooks on Amazon.

From where do you get your inspiration for the characters and storylines in your books?

Sometimes word play fuels my imagination. Scram-pire: The Reluctant Vampire Kid and Pie-Rits: A Pirate Adventure are both puns, which inspired great visual images and related stories in my mind. On other occasions it’s been the world around me, a conversation, or even a dream. Zombie-Kids, was inspired by an illustration from a talented UK artist, Mark Draisy. We collaborated to produce my first best selling children’s colour picture book and followed up with an Earth Day inspired sequel entitled. Zombie-Kids Go Green. Stories lie in wait all around us if we just take a moment to stop and listen.

What are your favourite books – when you are not writing your books, who do you like to curl up on the sofa reading?

My favourite writers include those in the young adult genre. As a teacher, I’m interested in keeping up with the latest literature to introduce new and exciting novels to my students. One of my favourite stories is Airman by Eoin Colfer. It’s a well crafted tale of adventure and contains a brilliant villain who is an equal match and worthy opponent to the protagonist. Spoiler alert: The hero wins, which left me quite satisfied. Stories like this one, inspire readers and writers.

What are the best and worst things about being an author?

The best thing about being an author is the connectedness it brings to others. For better or for worse, stories can move people. I hope mine inspire creativity, love, acceptance, and compassion among my young readers. I wouldn’t say there is a worst part of writing. As with everything worthwhile, there are challenges. However the rewards outweigh them.

Your website is great, well laid out and designed, you obviously have a keen eye for detail and are on top of the need for good marketing and social media. What advice would you give a new author who perhaps thinks “if I write it, they will read it”?

I would say that new authors should find an editor or critique group in order to receive objective feedback that will serve to improve their writing. I’ve been learning in front of a large audience within the social media community. This has afforded me opportunities to share with other writers and receive organic feedback from readers. You mentioned “good marketing” and that certainly plays a big part in getting you and your book known and in the hands of a wider audience. It’s important to connect with your readers in authentic ways and begin a genuine dialogue that allows them to get to know you as a writer and an individual. If readers believe in you and your writing, they will not only encourage you, but they will also help to spread the word about your stories to their network of friends.

Tell us a little bit about your books, who they are aimed at, and where people can buy them?

My stories mix humour, word play, and rhyme along with a social or educational message. Scram-Pire is the story of a reluctant vampire kid who doesn’t fit into the norm. However, he ultimately finds acceptance for who he is. Another ebook with a social message is Pandora’s Box, which demonstrates how great rewards can result from believing in yourself and others. My newest release, Where Are the Dinos? is a fast-paced rhyming book for young readers. I hope to engage readers with humour and edutainment. This ebook includes real dinosaur facts, a dinosaur drawing lesson with illustrator Bob Ostrom, and a dinosaur word scramble. I want readers to come away from my stories empowered by a positive message. My ebooks are available on Amazon, iTunes, and Barnes and Noble.



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