Kewel Boxes – February Unboxing – Fear

fear1 finalI have to be honest, Kewel Box time has become a rather exciting monthly happening (I don’t get out much), and despite in all honesty being not a fan of horror at all, I was looking forward to their Fear Box, being a British box which has thus far managed to find some kind of Brit connection to pop in all their boxes, I was hopeful of the same this month.

The box arrived complete with some blood splatters, and I eagerly ripped it open!! Here are my spoils!

First out the box was a bit of a surprise – Scream Magazine, March Issue! As I said above I am not a big fan of horror and so the magazine is news to me (see what I did there!), but it looks pretty good, it’s a glossy fat magazine full of articles about (surprise surprise) horror film and actors etc. I shall be thumbing through, it’s a world I know nothing about but I haven’t read an actual paper magazine for so long that I am a little excited to have one (and it’s British!)!

Fear 7 finalNext I pulled out three Hammer Horror Art Cards (post cards basically, but nice ones!), these are very cool, Hammer Horror is so kitsch and there were 100s of films made you can see a picture of the three I got, they are great you and you could easily frame them if horror and kitsch at the same time be your thing! (and of course Hammer Horror is British).

Fear5 finalStaying with the Hammer theme next out of the box were some Hammer Horror Dracula socks! They are great fun and although I myself probably won’t wear them, they will not go to waste in my house with its massive sock black hole. I love these, cool to get something funny and different (and yep, British!).

Right, onto the really good stuff, next I dragged out a Walking Dead (Series 3) Mystery Mini Figure (and although I am not a horror fan, I am a massive Walking Dead fan so this is brilliant out of the box). I ripped it open, and was super impressed to receive a 1/36 Glow in the Dark Zombie. Mini Mystery figure are good addition to a subscription box, they are fun and fear wd finalbecause no one knows what they have until you open it, it’s exciting that you might get a rarer one (and was very happy with my Zombie!).

Finally out the box – a Horror Dorbz! This is my first Dorbz, up until now I admit I was a Dorbz doubter but actually this little dude (and mine is Leatherface) is very cute, and considering this chap is a mass murderer (well I assume he is have – not a horror fan I might have mentioned!!). He is definitely the icing on the cake in this box, I am now sold on Dorbz!

There were also a few sweets, including some yummy sherbet, and the explanation sheet.fear2 final

Even though the theme of this box isn’t what I would choose, I really enjoyed the contents, the Dorbz was a brilliant addition, I was happy to get a rare Mystery Mini and the socks are great fun.

I love that Kewel Boxes seem to be reinforcing the British connection, they are not afraid to put items in their boxes which reflect the British origin of the box, we have a brilliant Pop Culture/Comic/Geek heritage in this country we should do all we can to celebrate it.

Next month’s theme is Space and for me that is spot on, I am a massive Sci Fan so am really hoping for some Star Trek/Guardians of the Galaxy, even some Star Wars (although I think most of us are pretty Star Wars’d out now) stuff – will be interesting to see if they squeeze in a British connection.

To get your Kewel fear3 finalBox you can head to to subscribe, and as they don’t automatically renew your subscription (they sent out monthly invites to subscribe again) you are free to choose if you fancy that month’s theme.