Kewel Boxes – November Unboxing – Timey Wimey is a great new geeky subscription box service which shares our stables! So once their first box was out, we really wanted to get in on the act! But we also didn’t want to be too biased, so we sent out a box to one lucky reviewer and asked them for an honest review (pasted below and not changed by us at all)!

For anyone not into the subscription box phenomenon it’s a great premise, which of course originated in the states – pretty simple, you sign up, and each month they send you a box rammed with mystery treats! There are boxes to suit every taste from foodies to book lovers and geeks to beauty treatment addicts (not that those two things are mutually exclusive)!

What Kewel Boxes say: “Chosen with care and curated with pride a Kewel Box contains collectables from some of the biggest names in the business, together with some handpicked goodies and Kewel Box exclusives.
Choose your subscription and each month you will receive a box of happy delivered straight to your door.
We know not everyone loves the same things! Each month our boxes have a brilliant theme, which we hope you will love, however if a theme doesn’t tickle your fancy! No worries – you can skip a box anytime you want and your subscription will roll to the next month.
Your Kewel Box – your choice!


Kewel Boxes – November 2015 – unboxing – theme Timey Wimey

kewelboxfinalWell I was rather excited when Razberry Juice asked me to review this box, I am not new to subscription boxes, and have tried a few in the last year. Including a couple of British based ones, which I was not too terribly impressed with. So I was happy to see another British one coming onto the market. It is easy to order boxes from the US (and of course Kewel Boxes do ship to the US and the rest of the world), but of course you do have to pay shipping costs – Kewel Boxes offer free P&P within the UK (and, they say, low rates to the rest of the world).

So no further waffle let’s get unboxing!!

BrixfinalFirst out was two “Character Building Micro-figure’s in Display Brix”

These are really kinda neat and am glad they popped two in, because they stack together!! They are much like little lego characters, which you put together and can then display in their lil brix! If you are into lego (or have small people that are) I think you can click these characters in. Blind boxed, I got a tenth Doctor, and a Dalek.

Then what I guess is the main “price” item, which is a Doctor Who Action Figure – Twelfth Doctor with Backpack.

12docfinalI like this a lot, I haven’t actually collected anything Doctor Who, so it feels good to have something. I really love Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and this is a nice figure which has a backpack, and also a sonic screwdriver. I haven’t taken him outta the packaging yet, not sure if he is one to keep in the back of the cupboard in the box for the next 20 years.

Sonic Screwdriver Poster

Oh this is really cool, (I had a poster in another box, printed on cheap paper, which was squashed and rolled up horribly), it comes wrapped and in perfect condition. It’s really neat as its long (not quite a metre I would say), printed on poster paper, and has on it posterfinalwhat is apparently the blue print for the tenth Doctor’s sonic screwdriver (David Tennent). Don’t know if I will actually put it on my wall, but it’s a really nice item.

Rubber Keyring

KeyringfinalPaperwork said you will either get a Tardis or a Dalek, am happy with my Tardis, and will definitely use it, it’s like a very thick rubber and looks a nice quality (everything in this box looks like officially licenced merchandise).

Dalek 3d Flannel

DalekfinalHah, didn’t realise what this was at first, thought it was a plush toy, but no it’s actually a flannel/sponge thing you use in the shower or bath. Probably not something I would actually go into a shop and buy for myself, but it’s fun nonetheless and I will use it am sure. Would make a great present for a Doctor Who fan with some bubble bath (I am not adverse to a little bit of re-gifting!).

Doctor Who Stickers

Not too much to say about these, a cute lil box of about 20 stickers – I haven’t had use for stickers for many years, but luckily I know plenty of small people who will love em. It is nice they come in a lil box.

Some popping candy and other random bits, you always seem to get sweets (candy) of some kind in these boxes and it’s a nice lil treat, most British boxes seem to go for an American thing with their sweet treats, but Kewel Boxes seem to be heading down the retro British route – which could be cool for non-brits who buy!

picturefinalLast out is what is billed as a Kewel Box Exclusive, and it’s really amazing. It’s a A4 print of a picture which looks to have been commissioned just for this box. It has four of the older doctors on it (Tom Baker , Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and the one I can’t remember the name of!!). With Tardis behind. It’s amazingly detailed and something which I may well put on my wall (perhaps in the loo!!). Included is some bumph about the artist – Art Jimbo (, and it just feels really special and not like anything have seen in a box before.

Included at the bottom is a sheet telling you what is in the box, and also a couple of flyers about the boxes.

Summary: very happy with the box, I am a Doctor Who fan, so I loved it. Everything inside is quality and looks well chosen. I think for the money it’s a good deal. If these boxes keep going like this, I think they will do well. It’s hard when people are starting out, but from this box, it looks good.

Value for money: £19.98 for one month, which goes down if you subscribe for 3, 6 or 12 months. Free P&P in the UK and international shipping rates they say are very reasonable (and there seems to be lots of discount codes flying about).

I did a bit of look around on Amazon and Ebay to cost the box.

  • Wave 4 12th Doctor Figure                                                                     £8.00
  • Character Brix (£3.00 each)                                                                   £6.00
  • Sonic Screwdriver poster                                                                       £4.00
  • Key ring                                                                                                    £3.50
  • Dalek Flannel                                                                                           £4.50
  • Stickers                                                                                                     £0.50
  • Sweets                                                                                                      £0.50
  • Art print impossible to value –the artist charges from £49 so say   £10.00

                                                                                                                 TOTAL – approx. £37.00
Very Happy with the value!

Will I subscribe? Yes I think so, perhaps just on a monthly basis as the moment, I like that you can easily miss a box out if you don’t fancy that month’s theme, that is a big big bonus.

December’s theme is Flashback: Old Skool/New Kewel, and they are doing a promotion for December subscribers, to win a whole year of Kewel Boxes!! – very Kewel.

There are also found a few YouTube reviews, and some have discount codes – I guess Kewel Boxes are trying to publicise as much as possible!!