Kicksister The Realistic way to become Fierce and Fit with Family and Friends!

We’re watching Xena Warrior Princess as she strides over a hill after battle. Her armours’ shining in the sun, her abs flex as she pushes her irritatingly lustrous hair back from her face. As we sit and wonder how she manages to keep free of split ends on top of being a medieval queen of battle, it hits us! We think: ‘starting from right now, I am going to be Xenia Warrior Princess!’. But then, we glance over at the Hobnobs… Xenia can’t eat hobnobs, that wont do. Or those of us more determined leap up with inspired feminine strength, perhaps doing a lunge with our imaginary swords as we glance at our heroine on the screen. But… then we stub our toe, roll about in agony for 30 seconds and realise: we’re possibly not cut out for a life of pain and glory. Every one of us girls has had the burning desire to be strong and fierce as we watch our heroines fighting the world.

Well, I’m afraid I have to say we’ll probably never be Xena or Cat Woman. But – I come bearing the excellent news that each and every one of us can realistically be the next best thing!

Kicksister Taekwondo

Our friends at British Taekwondo have heard our strangled warrior-wannabe cries and have designed a brand new flagship program called ‘Kicksister’. The program is aimed and designed very specifically for females, and is jointly funded by British Taekwondo and Sport England. The idea is to maximise opportunities for participation for girls and women aged 14-25. It’s a traditional and sport taekwondo syllabus specifically designed to give an understanding of movement, co-ordination and flexibility… are you already feeling like cat women nimbly scaling a building? It offers a soft entry opportunity to become a member of the club at yellow belt; so we skip the pain of battle wounds and toe-stubs. Kicksister also offers a fab opportunity to spend time with your favourite girls. Band together as you kick and punch the calories away (perhaps too enthusiastically); taking the stresses and frustrations of life out on a helpless kick pad. If that’s not healthy bonding I don’t know what is.

We wouldn’t necessarily think of taekwondo as we consider how we should go about shedding some pounds before Christmas – but listen girls, this program really does tick all the boxes. Not only does it kick us into shape, it also serves a very practical purpose that we’ve possibly overlooked.


Picture this following scenario: it’s December, and you’re dressed to the nines in your glittery Christmas dress. Despite looking more like you belong on the top of a tree with a wand, you are in fact negotiating the frosty streets as you totter home after a night out. Suddenly, from a darkened ally way, a menacing man skids out in front of you with a knife! You stop and go to yell, but the villain advances and threatens you for your bag – of course, you surrender it. You’re left scared, cold and confused. OR do you in fact knock the knife from his hand with one swift strike! You’d certainly have the capacity to disarm and disable attackers once you’d secured your Kicksister certificate . Taekwondo teaches very valuable fundamentals of self-defence, good for any woman to know.

The program will be piloted in the future in (initially) a small group of clubs in the North West, South York, East Midlands and London. The ultimate aim is to roll out this program nationally through a structured and gradual increase in participation. British Taekwondo also plans on doing walk by sessions in super markets and shopping centres. So if you see one do not hesitate to get involved, it’s a fab chance to get hold of some Kicksister freebies as well as meeting some professional athletes.


So if you fancy trying something a little new this year in your fight for a slim tum, or you want to follow in Xena’s footsteps, or even if you just fancy spending some novelty time with your friends: Kicksisters’ absolutely the one. It hasn’t even been officially released, as of yet, so this is an exclusive heads up. Keep an eye out for the clubs that’ll be introducing the initiative on the British Taekwondo website ( Give British Taekwondo a cheeky like on Facebook or a follow on Twitter to keep informed.

Spread the word girls, get everyone involved: lets turn our yelps into roars!






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