Killer Thrillers

Killer Thriller Thrillers love or hate them, somehow we enjoy the twists and turns of a plot unfolding in front of us, the joys of trying to outwit the author in professing you “knew it was” him or her all along even before you have turned the last page.

Or visit any bookshop and you’re sure to find the best sellers list made up authors of thrillers such as James Patterson, John Grisham, Michael Crichton, and Lisa Scottoline to name a few proving that we just love a good thriller. 

Today they are being joined by a new breed of what I call 'Killer Thrillers' authors many you will not have even heard of, but are growing in status and popularity, preferring to reach their readers not only through the traditional hard copy but also the now popular options of digital readers such as the Kindle, Nooks and iPads making the availability of reading a new book instantaneous or trying a new author just as easy.


So from the past to the future not forgetting that little bit in the middle we give you a brief glimpse of ten worthy authors and believe me there are many more equally as good, that we just did not have the time or space to include here, it really was difficult to figure out where to start this list with so many talented authors, but the future seemed a good as place as any, hence I give you an author I think your going to like a lot; J. A. Huss author of the 'I Am Just Junco' (click HERE for the review) series of books, her writing reminds me of when I started reading the original Star Wars, drawing you into each scene with her descriptions of tastes, smells and surroundings as you follow Heroine Junco Coot on her futuristic twist and turns definitely an author for your Christmas reads.

The Summer we lost aliceJan Strnad what can I say about this author definitely one to keep and eye out for, his book The Summer We Lost Alice (click HERE for the review) showed a writing style that is so delicious, taking you on a roller coaster of emotions almost like a fine wine it makes you a little dizzy and you really should save that last glass until later, but you just cant put it down.

Natasha A Salnikova an author that has definite talent for writing thrillers which can be seen in her writing of Rotten Apple, (click HERE for the review) her detail to plot structure and character interaction only go to show how lost in her writing you will be.

If you are a fan of Wire in the Blood or Cracker then you will be a fan of Karl Jones his writing is dark yet very addictivean author with a bright future check out our review of Shattered (click HERE for the review) a gruesome tale of murder in a small English village.

Gord Rollo will bring a chill to the warmest of hearts with his thriller with a good dollop of the Supernatural! Crowley's Window (click HERE for the review) is a scary, well written offering! We are planning of reading his other books (with the lights on!).

Regina Pacelli offers us a different take on the standard thriller! Into the Arms of Madness (click HERE for the review) is classy and fresh, perhaps those about to wed should wait until they get back from the Honeymoon!

Superman's CapeDetonate (click HERE for the review) by David Greene introduced us to Tyler a hero for the twenty-first century! A quick moving pacey thriller that will keep you guessing!

Superman's Cape (click HERE for the review) is Brian Spangler's absolutely excellent supernatural horror, he shows an incredibly insight into human nature and emotions, one of those brilliant finds!

And finally, Suzanne Adair brings us Regulated for Murder (click HERE for the review) a historical novel, written with modern talent! If you know little of this part of history, you will learn whilst being thoroughly entertained!