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This is almost a first for us at Razberry Juice, we tend to focus on the fiction side of things, but Lily Stargazer’s book – In the Shadows of Glory, comes from an interesting perspective, and is one you may not think about reading about, however as you can see from our review above, interesting stories come from the most unusual places!


I was keen therefore to find out a little more about Lily and what inspired her to write this book…..


Lily, can you give us a little background bio about yourself – where you are from, when you became interested in writing and your career to date etc?

Hello and thank you for the opportunity to interview with you!

I am the 1st of three siblings and was born in the Dominican Republic. My parents moved to NY when I was a toddler and that is where I grew up. My parents amicably divorced when I was 12 years old. My siblings and I continued to live with our Mom. Soon after the divorce, my Dad remarried, had more children and moved back to the DR with his new family. I grew up lower middle class and was very happy. I had tons of friends, a loving family, did well in school and have wonderful childhood memories.

In college, I met and dated a basketball player who was drafted into the NBA less than a year after meeting him. After that I moved and lived with him all over the world.

I actually started writing a book about my life experiences over 10 years ago but never completed it. However, a few years ago tons of reality shows started popping up about women who were in relationships with celebrities and rich men, many of them about women involved with professional athletes and I found what was being portrayed on TV to often be demeaning and belittling to all of the “other” women that lived that life. So, I felt IMPELLED to give my point of view.

Right now I own my own business encouraging personal and professional development as a coach and motivational speaker, leveraging my MBA and personal and professional life experiences. I have also been a stay at home Mom to a toddler and am married.

Your book – In the Shadows of Glory, is very autobiographical, can you tell our readers what is was that made you sit down one day and starting putting your life down in words. 

I had enough and felt sickened by the explosion of ridiculous reality shows and the “following” frenzy of shallow and superficial “celebrities”, who were being regarded as people to look up to. I felt that my life experiences could help clear away some of the smoke, for anyone that was interested, and become a more positive role model, who was real, sincere and lived with integrity.

Have you had any moments of regret, seeing your life and sometimes very personal and intimate moments written out on the pages of book could for some be very hard.

No regrets. Writing the book felt so therapeutic. I wanted to give my readers and anyone that is interested a look at what “celebrity” life is about, without all of the fluff and BS. I honestly left out SO much scandal, drama and personal information from the book. That is not what the book is about. And if people are interested in that, I felt that they could find that on Reality TV.

All authors have their own way of working; could you give our readers a Lily Stargazerbrief outline of a day in the life of Lily Stargazer, author and any methods you may use/used for writing?

Sure!  First of all it took me over 2 years to write the book. I started out by just writing about all of the memories, highlights and events that stood out in my mind. Then I started dividing all of my material into chapters. After that, every time I thought of something else to write, I would figure out which chapter it would fall under and put it in there. Then I went through each chapter individually and put it in some type of order and flow. Lastly I went back in and edited, read, edited some more, read again, edit even more…well you get my point! It was a long process for me.

Is this book a one off venture for you?  Or has writing this autobiographical book whet your appetite to continue and write more?

When I first started writing I only wanted to write this book, that was my goal. But, YES, I now have an appetite for writing and already have 2 more book ideas in mind. One I have already started writing. All nonfiction though.

How have you been marketing your book and are some marketing methods better than others?

I have used mostly social media marketing. I have done book signings and meet the author events and a few interviews. My mind and logic tell me that the social media marketing will be my most efficient and productive route. However, I love the interviews and talking about the book and my passions.

Who are some of your favourite writers and any favourite books?

I only read nonfiction books. I cannot get into fiction AT ALL. I LOVE all of Malcolm Gladwell’s books, the Outliers being my favorite. They are SO interesting and thought provoking.

How do you judge success as a writer? And do you set yourself any goals or achievements?

Honestly, I already feel successful having written a book and publishing it. However, I would LOVE for MANY people to read the book, enjoy it, ask me more questions about it and to GET A MESSAGE from it. I am more interested in sending a message to people. My goal is to be a recognized, positive role model.

One last question if you had the chance to do it all over again would you do it any different ?

I ask myself that question sometimes. Well, I DEFINITELY would want the book written. But, I wrote the book by myself, with the help from no other writers. My academic and professional background is in Business and Finance; I have always been more interested in numbers and statistics. So, writing this book was a great feat for me. I feel that I did a good job, but I wonder sometimes if I should have allowed other writers to “help” me with it.

Well Lily that about wraps it up, it’s been a pleasure getting to chat with you and I do hope you keep us up to date with all your news and events.

Thank you so much for this interview, I appreciate your time and for giving me the opportunity to talk about my book!

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