Little Us Dolls Just for Me

Little Us Dolls Just for Me


If you are like me, and have two little girls aged 5 and 6, then you will understand how dolls are very much part of the family around here, so the arrival of a large envelope containing two Little Us Dolls was met with great excitement almost to the point of me having to fend them off from opening the package straight away.


The first thing I noticed when taking the dolls out of the package was how soft they felt, which really only matched up the quality of the material used. Each doll stands at around 12 inches tall, is priced at £9.99 and are designed in a collection of four Chloe, Amelia, Ruby and Millie, all having their own unique personality and clothes which really are beautifully detailed enhancing the overall appearance.

The two we received were called Chloe “Who likes Everything Pink” and Ruby “Mummy Says I am a Little Diva”, I just love the fact that they have their own personal profiles it really added to the enjoyment my girls got from choosing which one they wanted, which funnily enough there was no fighting over with Sophie choosing Chloe and Katie opting for Ruby.

Of course the real stamp of approval is always down to the children and to say they have not put them down yet is an understatement, they take them everywhere even on the trampoline and the words “please can we get more” are constantly on their lips.

As a mother what I really like about these dolls is that they somehow have an innocence about them, that seems to be lost on so many dolls today, bringing back memories of long summer days spent outside having tea parties with dolls that have long been passed on, so these beautiful dolls definitely get my seal of approval they are just perfect.


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