London Super Comic Con – good times!

CC batmanA cold dreary rainy February London day was made fabulously bright and warm by a brilliant day at the London Super Comic Con!

Held each year at Excel Centre, this was my first (but not my last) LSCC, and I was not disappointed!
Comic Cons are such vibrant colourful events, full of wonderful creativity and people.

I should perhaps put my hands up right and make it clear that I do not have a massive collection of comics,  I have never been terribly interested!! HOWEVER, I love artwork and I love the kind of pop culture style illustration and artwork that form comics!

The LSCC forms three distinct different areas and experiences, the Artist Alley area is where you find table upon table and row upon row of authors, creators and artists, each setting out their stalls and wares hoping to grab your interest, its actually just really great to wander and pause to watch them working. Because the truth is that often just because someone is a wonderful artist, who CC starwarsproduces wonderful artwork, putting them behind a table in a crowded space just means they will revert to what they know, and so will sit and draw and paint, taking commissions and sometimes chatting! With some it does feel a little like a security blanket if they are lost in their art, they can ignore that they are on show for the day! You can expect to see many of the same faces at comic cons, but I don’t think that matters, LSCC has a much bigger focus on the artists and authors themselves with regular signings and queues. It feels much less about the faces in front of the camera, and more about those talented creators behind the scenes.

cc ghostbusters-conOut of Artist Alley there is, as you would expect acres of stalls full of people waiting to relieve you of your cash, of course Funko POPS seemed to adorn every aisle, with people snapping them up like hot cakes, there were plenty of folks selling rare and vintage comics, pop culture memorabilia and clothing. A casual collector of POPS (anyone thinking their collection is going to be worth some money in a few years’ time is in for a shock 99% are going to be worth pennies!) I grabbed one for a fiver from Forbidden Planet’s stall which contained skip loads of the stuff which has been lingering unsold in their warehouse!!

cc harleyThe panel rooms were full and busy all day, with no shortage of Comic Con’ers queuing, they are not normally my cup of tea, I don’t have that level of devotion to anything!

LSCC shared the Excel with The London Car Show and The Baby Show, each occupying one of the huge exhibition spaces, and this meant (and I am sure this is the same for much of the year at the Excel) that the area outside of the events (where the attendees for each event mingle) was absolutely rammed, it was jam packed with people all eager to find food, use the loo or just hang out! It was this for me the only thing that detracted from the fun of the day. It was much harder at LSCC to grab cosplayers for some great pictures, because of the sheer volume of people, and the moment you did half a dozen other photographers jumped in on the act (which wouldn’t matter but I am not terribly tall and it would seem easy to stand in front of) , it was though also the cosplayers trying to find places to take photos which also caused part of the problem, at one point in the early afternoon, when leaving the main hall to do some tweeting it was so rammed full that I was uncomfortably hot and a little claustrophobic, a few minutes outside sorted me out just fine! The queues to grab food were huge well over an hour in some cases! The consolation however was the look on the faces of middle age couples attending the London Car Show when faced with a wookie!

cc cosplay3All in all, it was a great day, I met some interesting people, bought some fabulous things, took super pictures and have lined up some brilliant articles for the next few months – result!

London Super Comic Con

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