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I first found Arran Aromatics when I lived up in the Highlands of Scotland, I was however very pleased, when moving back down to England to find Arran Aromatics stocked in shops such Debenhams.

The array of scents and smells, and skincare products available both online and in shops is mind boggling, and when I am looking for a gift or perhaps (on the rare occasion) to treat myself, I try, if I can, to find goods which are manufactured and sold by British companies, and Arran Aromatics most certainly falls smack bang into that category, not only that; their products will rival, in my opinion, any you may find with a more well known name on them!


My personal favourite scent is 'After the Rain', its a truly beautiful scent, and for me brings back the mountains, lochs and vistas of the Highlands, which I often miss very much. A scent bought at a certain place or time in our lives can become inextricably linked with that time or place and so I see Arran Aromatics, and 'After the Rain' with the peaceful calming hue of happy times in my life. After the Rain is described as……

'A truly magical time is the calm, stillness and remarkable freshness that follows a storm. To capture the moment in a sun-sparkled, rain soaked garden, we blended rose petals with musk, floral citrus with lime, lavandin with juniper and laid them over Arran's precious woods';

and after much thought I can't put it in better words myself.

Arran Aromatics - scented candle

After the Rain is of course not the only fragrance Arran Aromatics produce, and they also manufacture homescents and candles, which will fill your home with a gorgeous scent without the chemically smell, or headache some of the more mass produced scented candles have given me.

Arran Aromatics - Feel Baby One of the loveliest gifts I was bought recently, when my son was born was a gift box of products from the Baby Feel range, they smell delicious, are PH balanced and kind to young skin. At £32 for the gift box, its not cheap, but will definitely be appreciated. I have used the hair and body wash when plonking both myself and my small person into the bath, it's mild and gentle for his skin but I don't feel the need to add extra smellies once his time 'bathing with mummy' is done and I get five minutes to settle back for a quick soak (side note to new mum's – a great trick to grab a soak and five minutes peace, baby will love bathing with you, but of course will need to be handed to your significant other after a short while, whilst you remain in the bath!!).

Arran Aromatics - driftwood gift pack

Men are not forgotten either, with a range of manly smells to tempt, all coming in aftershaves, scents and products.

Arran Aromatics, like the name suggests was founded and is based on the Isle of Arran; and since 1989, the company has been making their gorgeous specialist body care products. Arran Aromatics was founded by Iain and Janet Russell, along with sons Andrew and Duncan. Starting with just one range of toiletries, the company has grown to now six gorgeous distinct ranges and produces over 250 items. Since 2000 they have also sold their Arran Candleworks range, the delightfully scented candles I rave over above.

Buying British probably wont save pounds in your pocket, and I cannot claim to being terribly good at it, not only alwayswatching my budget, but also succumbing to the banality and ease when it comes to buying gifts of just heading off to the department store and purchasing mass produced imports. But when companies like Arran Aromatics are stocked in shops like Debenhams, there really is no excuse! Plus of course you can purchase everything online (and at the time of writing the website ( is offering some great discounts (I am sitting on my hands as there is 30% off my beloved After the Rain).

So next time you need to buy a gift, have a browse through Arran Aromatic's products, you wont be disappointed but you may find that gift never goes further than your own front door!


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