Its….All About Maggie

It can sometimes be a little bit of a blood from a stone situation when interviewing, not with a Maggie Szabo, she was more than happy to chat to us about her music and life in general!

Maggie Szabo who aptly performs as 'All about Maggie', is not only beautiful, but is also a very much up and coming pop soul diva with a voice to match, there is no doubt big things are happening for this talented young women!

Maggie says singing and writing are “pretty much my favourite things to do. I’ve loved music my entire life: I started singing and performing for my parents’ friends when they came over for dinner and it kind of went on from there. I started singing locally around the town I grew up in and when I was about 12 years old I developed a love for sing writing too!

Maggie spent some time living in Nashville, Tennesse in the US, before making her first album, I asked Maggie how useful that time was and how much of an influence it had on her song writing and music?

Living in Nashville was such an amazing experience, and it definitely influenced my song writing a lot! I went down there to improve my writing and learn more about music, and while living there I was able to meet and work with a lot of very talented writers. Everything I learned there had a great impact on my writing.

Maggies debut album – 'Now Hear Me Out' (find it here on iTunes) has recently been released, so I asked Maggie about her song writing process, does she have one? Or is she an ideas scribbler?

Every time I get a little seed of an idea for a song I immediately write it down or record it into my phone…otherwise I will totally forget it. I’ve learned my lesson! As far as the song writing process goes, I enjoy co-writing the most. I have my special co-writing friends who I’ve developed relationships with over the years. When we sit down to write a song it’s just easy, and not to mention fun too! I think finding those people who I am comfortable with has been a really important part in my writing.

After listening to Maggie's album (its going to occupy a top slot in the iPod for some time to come!), two songs, Lovesick and Spin your Lies really bowled me over; not only are they refreshing but they actually had me singing along which trust me I don’t do much of these days, so my question was whether Maggie herself had some any personal favourites on the album?

Well thank you! I’m glad that you like them! It’s so hard to choose favourites because I associate every song on the album with the writing experience that came along with it, and they were all good ones! I wrote ‘Just Can’t Find the Words’ after I played a show at the Bitter End so that will always stick with me. Dancing in the Face of Heartbreak was written in Nashville with two of my great friends and it was after a bad break-up, so that was like a therapy session for me! Lovesick and Spin Your Lies I actually wrote in Ontario, so writing those two songs close to home was pretty special too. See?! It’s just too hard to choose!

I can’t help but be drawn for some reason to compare Maggie's album cover with the movie Bridget Jones' Diary and there is no doubt the whole album could have been the sound track for the movie – it’s really that good. It’s like the music takes you on a roller-coaster ride of love and heartache just as the movie did with, of course, true love winning out in the end. I asked Maggie if she minded the comparison?

Oh my gosh I LOVE that movie! And I really appreciate that comparison! I think one of the reasons I love that movie so much is because it’s just so honest: in her experiences finding love and how she is so expressive in her diary. I’m very honest when it comes to my music, so they are kind of like my forms of diary entries! And not to mention, I get most of my inspiration from love and relationships.

We finished up talking about what was next for All about Maggie? Perhaps a live tour?

Well hopefully you’ll be hearing Lovesick on the radio! The month of October has been great so far because I have been named Bell Media’s Emerging Artist of the Month so Lovesick is being played at a bunch of radio stations across Canada. I have some live shows lined up (Oct. 12th @ Dr.Disc is one of them!) but my dream has always been to go on tour so I’m hoping that will soon become a reality!

It was really great to chat with Maggie, I have no doubt the music world is going to be hearing a lot more of her – if her first album is anything to go by – it just rocks!



As with all our interviews we like to ask some fun questions, and Maggie was no exception!

Do you sing in the shower?

Oh of course I do! The acoustics are great in there!

If you were a super hero who would it be?

Wonder Woman… I love the outfit.

Do you wear slippers or like to go barefoot around the house?

I have pink fuzzy slippers that are my fav!

What’s your favourite Food?



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