Make-Up Tutorials on YouTube (when you are not 19 and flawless……..)

YouTube is a many and varied place!  With a lotta great stuff and, it has to be said, a lotta of absolute dross!!!

Like many I have wasted more than a few hours on funny cat videos but, I have, also rather become a frequenter of those vidoes which purport to show us how we should be putting on our make up!!!!  Now, a lot of these vids are without a doubt aimed at a younger audience, and my just over 40 year old skin just can’t be dealt with in the same way, watching young women with flawless skin make their skin flawless with make-up is not something which does anything for my self-esteem, and older skin has different needs!  But luckily, if you spend some time looking there are some great YouTubers who either aim their tutorials to the more mature skin, or who make up is so well done and so suitable for everyday wear by most people that they are worth a watch!

So, I have been on a YouTube binge and found my favourites!!

  1.     JOHN MACLEAN – without a doubt my favourite channel (and possibly my favourite YouTuber of all time) – John creates flawless but realistic make-up looks and I have been able to take some of his techniques away and use them.   Always entertaining with a wonderful dry sense of humour – ensuring seamlessness at all times!

2. HOT AND FLASHY –  although this channel is actually aimed at women a little older than me, I have found some incredibly useful advice here.  I think much of the content on YouTube showing make-up tutorials just isnt suitable for everday wear and that is where Hot and Flashy is great nothing is over done!

3. STEPHANIE MARIE – another American channel, aimed at all women but mainly women over 30 – easy to follow practical advice, some of the products we cant get in the UK, but there are always alternatives.

4. BUSBEE STYLE – more than just a make-up channel, Erin posts videos about everything from fashion to make up – to diet and lifestyle, sometimes a little too enthusiastic for my English reserve, nonetheless great content, all geared towards those over 40!

5. WAYNE GOSS – I dont think i could havecompleted this list without including Wayne Goss, and if you only every watch one makeup/skincare channel, it should probably be this one!   Not specifically aimed at any age but with a massive amount of content, most of it really practical and useful!

There are places to go when you are over 40 to keep your make-up and look up to date and relevant, but I think its really important to know yourself, and work out what suits you, rather than copying to the letter the tutorials, using them as inspiration and as a way to update your look!

Happy tubing…….