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K Mathew Talks Books

Today we are joined by an author who is building up quite a reputation in the self-publishing world.

Writing under an number of different names K. Matthew, Scarlet Delorne, Marla Braziel and my personal favourite Sky Corgan, with most of the books aimed at the erotica market Kyler Mathews is quickly establishing a firm foothold, with a growing world wide readership.

Kyler I know you have a healthy catalogue of books under your belt now, but when did you first start writing and why erotica?

I've been writing since I was a kid. I actually completed my first novel when I was fourteen. Recently, I went back to edit it, but unfortunately I don't think it's very salvageable.

As far as self-publishing goes, the first thing I ever published to the Kindle was in March of 2011. It was a YA Paranormal serial that didn't do too well.

I made the switch to erotica in July of 2012 after reading several threads on Kboards (then Kindle Boards) about how it was fairly easy to make sales with erotica. They weren't wrong. My erotica sales blew sales of everything else out of the water. I didn't know what I was doing at the time, but even the slightest increase in sales was enough to make me switch genres completely.

You sometimes published your sales figures on your site can you K Mathewsremember your first months sales and how much have they grown since then?

In my very first month of self-publishing, I believe I sold one or two copies. Last month, I sold 19,696 books, so it's a pretty big difference.

How long does it take you to write your average length book and where do most of your ideas for storylines come from?

It takes me about a week to write between 10,000 – 20,000 words. My imagination is pretty vivid. It usually only takes a few ideas for me to start being able to put a storyline together. Those ideas typically come from a variety of media and interactions with others.

Once you have all the writing done how much involvement do you have in the cover design and marketing of the book or do you leave these areas to someone else?

I do all of my own cover design and marketing. Usually, it only takes me an hour or two to put a cover together with Photoshop. As far as marketing goes, I've only been mailing my list up until recently. Still, my marketing efforts are minimal in comparison to a lot of other authors.

With so many self-published books being produced now on Kindle and other readers do you feel it’s a lot harder for authors to make sales or do you feel a lot is down to marketing?

I think that writing what people want is probably more important than anything. Marketing won't do much good if you write a book that no one wants to read. Of course, it's definitely important to build a list of readers along your publishing journey. If you can do that, then changes in the market won't affect you as much.

Of all the seudo names you write under which one most reflects your own personality?

My least popular pen name; my Marla Braziel pen name. In truth, I would much rather be writing YA, and that was the pen name I started with, writing whatever I wanted to write. So, I would say that for the two books that are under than pen name, those are the stories that really tell more about who I am and what I want to write than any of my other pen names.

Just to finish up, what tips and marketing advice can you offer for any authors starting out?

Know why you're writing. If you're just writing for the fun of it, then genre shouldn't matter. But if you're out to make a living from your writing, you need to understand that not all genres perform equally.

For those who want to make money from their writing, research is key. Keep an eye on the Amazon top 100 in your preferred genre. Read what people are buying and write accordingly.

Also, this can't be stressed enough. Start a mailing list as early on as you can. Mailing lists collect readers that are interested in your writing, and that will help to give every new title that you publish a boost. A boost in sales means a higher ranking on Amazon and the other retailers which will usually lead to your book being easier for new readers to discover.

We always like to finish our interviews with a few fun questions

What other interests do you have outside writing; any hobbies you care to share?

I really enjoy learning, so I'm almost always enrolled in a class of some sort. Right now I'm taking an A+ Certification couse.

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Japan. But I'm not a fan of flying, so that will probably never happen.

What type of music do you like to listen too?

A mix of what a lot of people would call emo music and dubstep. I listen to bands like  Breathe Carolina, Blood on the Dance Floor, AFI, Skrillex, and a bunch of other stuff.

Do you have a favourite author or book? and why?

I actually don't. I'm a fan of Anne Rice, J.K. Rowling, and Mimi Strong, though all of them are in different genres. I loved Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles. I thought that the Harry Potter series was written very well. Incredibly entertaining and fun to read. Mimi Strong's book are just hilarious to me. I absolutely love her writing style.  

If you were a cartoon character which one would you choose and why?

I'm going to go with anime, since I can't really think of a cartoon character that fits me. If I was an anime character though, I'd definitely by Akihiko Usami from Junjou Romantica. I'm an author, have a dominant personality, am dating a younger guy, and am not very social. It's pretty much a perfect fit.

Well Kyler that about wraps it up thank you so much for taking the time out to come chat with us and please keep us up to date with all your news and events



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