Martini Productions – A Slice of Amazing!

Following on from our interview with The Ivy League and their making of a web series Mythos we talk to Jessica Mazo (you can read more about Jessica on and Tom O’Brien of Martini Productions, Tom is currently working as the producer on Mythos, whilst Jessica has a starring role, so it was pretty cool to get to throw a few questions at these guys and find out what their company is all about

So guys tell us a little bit about Martini Productions, how did it get started etc?

Tom: “We started dating and I saw she was an actress. I wanted to break into the film industry and I tried to find out how many contacts she had. She didn’t have many, so we decided to create our own content.”

Jessica: “We began covering fashion shows and interviewed celebrities and designers after the shows. When Tom was working at DCTV he got me a hosting job. My first one ever!

Tom: “It’s a mutually beneficial relationship. She likes being in front of the camera, and I like being behind the scenes. And it helps because we get each other work.

Jessica: “For example, if he is working on something, he will try to get me a role in it, and if I’m hired to act in something, I try to see if he can get involved.

We know Tom you are currently working on Mythos can you tell us what other projects you have in the pipeline?

Currently – I am writing a novel. I also wrote a short called Pillow Talk that will shoot sometimein November, and Jess and I are working on a travel show for Qbo Media TV. I also have an idea for a TV pilot that I’m hoping a lot of the same cast and crew of Mythos will agree to work on.

The world of internet entertainment and media is a fairly newly discovered gem to us at Razberry Juice, do you feel that the internet is the best opportunity for up and coming filmmakers to get their work seen, and maybe now they should be honing their craft to the net rather than T.V or the big screen?

Tom: “I think that it is one of the best mediums to put out creative work because most of the tools are so cheap whereas you can now record HD video from a phone that you might already have plus edit on free software and you don’t need big expensive equipment to showcase your talent. On the other hand, it is still important to hone your craft for the big screen and TV since the majority of paying jobs are there.

Jessica: “From an acting perspective, film acting is still the same regardless of the medium. So I think the internet can be a great way to get more experience, create your own work, and get seen.

We love your site, you have a lot of interviews with authors and other interesting people, can you give us a brief rundown of how you go about a project from start to finish?

Tom: “Well, a lot of times it is during an event where we corner somebody that we want to interview, giving them no option to escape until they answer our questions. From there, we edit, add graphics, and throw it up on YouTube with our fingers crossed that people will like it.

Jessica: “Also, we find somebody who interests us, and we contact them or their publicist to try and schedule an interview. Usually what ends up happening is we springboard the success from one interview, into securing someone really well known for the next interview. As much as I’m not a fan of name dropping, it definitely helps to secure the next interview.”

There has to be the bad, as well as the good, in being an independent film maker?

Tom: “The best thing is you make your own schedule, the worst thing is that you make your own schedule. You have the flexibility to do what you want, but you also wake up constantly unemployed and need to hustle for new business.

Jessica: “It’s very empowering to be the one in control of the project, but it can also be daunting, as well as cost you money.


and finally….the important stuff!

What type of movies do you like?

Tom: "Cheesy action movies, martial arts, and horror. One of my favourites (and probably one of the most underrated movies ever) is Big Trouble in Little China."

Jessica: "Horror, independent dramas and dark comedies."

What’s your favourite drink?

Tom: "Good Gin on the rocks with lime juice. It has to be Bombay Sapphire or Tanquary 10, or better. No plastic bottle gin anymore!"

Jessica: "Dirty Martinis, Key Lime Martinis, and S’moretini (that’s a special one that Tom once mixed for me)."

Where in the world would you most like to visit?

Tom: "Egypt. It is at the top of my list because portions of the novel I’m writing take place in Cairo, and I feel like I should at least know something about it."

Jessica: "Ireland (RazberryJuice being Ireland and England based – will always give extra points for an answer like this!). I lived in London for a little while where I got to travel all over Europe, but I never made it to Ireland. It’s so sad. I love Irish culture, and the people. Tom is Irish American in case you couldn’t tell from his last name!"

If you were a cartoon character who would it be?

Jessica: "Jessica Rabbit"

Tom: "I would like her to be Jessica Rabbit, so in that case I would be the bunny. But really, Scooby Doo."


You can find out more about Martini Productions at their site below