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Mensa Academy Test Drive Your Brain

Mensa Academy

Looking to show how clever you are, take your brain for a test drive or even just have some fun?  Then Mensa Academy is for you.

Now available for all iSO platforms, the game begins by offering you a series of challenges, so you can jump right in and start playing or you can choose to have a coach give you some training before taking your IQ test.

There are five areas covered; language, numeric, logic, visual and memory, and in each you are given a set number of questions, and a set time to answer each one, and I have to say if you are like me and jump straight into the game you may find yourself watching the clock as I did, struggling to figure out the answer and promptly running out of time, however this all only adds to the fun and entertainment value to the game as you feel the pressure to get the answer correct.


TMensa Academy Reviewhe graphics and sound compliment the game well while not being amazing they fit this game well offering different backdrops with a cartoon feel, a really nice feature is being able to share your scores throughout social networking channels, e-mail and SMS, inviting your friends to play and try beat you.

Overall I really liked this game; it hits all the right notes, its challenging and educational, whilst at the same time fun, so you are going to keep playing over and over again as you try to beat your score.

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Mensa Academy is developed by Silverball Studios and Barnstorm Games and published by Square Enix Ltd.

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