Chocolate for MuffinsI have a passion for chocolate muffins, not those horrible greasy supermarket ones, bought cheaply by the dozen, but delicious home made muffins, oozing with gooey chocolate, light and scrummy. I find muffins easier to make than the good old fairy cake (although there is always room for a butterfly cake in my world!), Muffins, are generally always guaranteed to rise and take very little effort. My top tip though before you go out and buy a muffin tin and cases – just continue to use your standard bun tin and cases for a few goes, use a little less mixture and cut down your cooking time, that way you can make sure you love them as much as me before buying more kitchen paraphernalia to gather dust. I often make mini muffins, they are perfect for parties, for small fingers or just those wishing to munch less cake!

As always I have many many recipes for these sweet treats stored in my favourite bookmark category, so here are a few of them, no need to go out and splurge on a cookbook, just employ the power of Google!





BBC Good Food – Chocolate Muffins

These are simple to make, have relatively few ingredients, taste scrummy, and have risen perfectly every time I have made them, a great standard and a pretty good bet if you have never made muffins before.

You can easily add chocolate chips, making the muffins even chocolatey!  I generally find I have to add a little extra milk or water, to make the mixture just a little bit looser, especially if you are adding chocolate chips.


Chocolate Muffins (source – Double Chocolate Muffins

Double Chocolate Muffins – one of my favourite sites to go on the hunt for recipes, these muffins dont let you down on the chocolate front, the addition of vanilla extract and white chocolate chips (use milk chocolate if you dont have white, and I am never adverse to just bashing up a bar of chocolate if all else in the cupboards fail) make them extra chocolatey, but they come out light and not cloying at all.

A firm favourite, and as with all muffin recipes extremely easy to make and follow.


Good to Know Recipes – Speedy Chocolate Muffins 

Chocolate MuffinsI have only made these Speedy Chocolate Muffins once, in preparation for this article, to show just how quick and easy muffins are to make, this recipe has just four quick and easy steps and very few ingredients. 

Whisking Eggs

The thing to remember when making muffins is that you can add, what you have got – cherries are always a welcome ingredient, making the muffins the little more moist.  Once you have made them a few times, you will know yourself if the mixture is the right consistency.


Chocolate and Banana Muffins – Chocolate and Banana Muffins

A yummy addition from Nigella's website, I have made these Chocolate and Banana Muffins countless times, sometimes adding chocolate chips, the bananas, ensure the muffins are very moist and being a lover of the humble banana in all forms, I love the taste.

I think that dark chocolate chips work best as milk chocolate seems to get a little lost in this recipe.



Blueberry & Oat MuffinsAnd finally………………these are shockingly good, for just a quid (and the addition of an egg, oil and milk) and very little effort on your part. Asda at the time of writing have all their home baking Chosen by You muffin recipes (and plenty of other home backing options) for just £1.00. The perfect option for those not wanting to invest too much time or effort, you get enough mixture to make six muffins in a variety of different delicious recipes, including chocolate options but also some really tasty options for those not to into chocolate, such as lemon and poppy seed and blueberry oaty, the kits include six cases and you can just use a standard bun tin. Yes perhaps blah blah a cheat in some purists books but who cares, they taste good and are a great option for those not normally into baking.   





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