My Journey with Slimming Pills

Slimming Pills and Me

feet-on-scales  Time marches on, and apparently waits for no man!! And like many since motherhood become the defining moment of my life, I have been stuck with what can only be described as too much bloody chunk.

Time has marched on for too long without me doing anything about it!!  So at the beginning of this year I decided enough and dieting was on the cards.  However me being me means if there is a short cut that can be taken, I am going to take it!

And so has begun an experiment, which I didn’t design or plan, but which has just happened.  In the space of the past 9 months, I have tried many of the “dieting aid products” on the market!

It only occurred to me when onto the second one, that I should perhaps document my findings as I went along and write about my experience – after all writing has, over the years been what I do!

But I am going to give a heads-up before I start – of every product I tried (and as you will see below, without being too attention to detail I followed everything as it should be, and once I realised I was using this as a project ensured I didn’t deviate from the base diet!) – NOT ONE WORKED, I didn’t lose any weight and in some circumstances I put it on.  So if you are hoping for some quick fixes, best stop here, 8 months and hundreds of pounds have taught me one thing – that those don’t exist, there is no quick pain free way to de’chunk!

As an update on my dieting, I am a month into living the 5:2 diet (link), have lost 5 pounds and am rather enjoying, strangely I find the fasting energising!! – we shall see where it heads!

So, first up:

Carb BlockerXLS-Medical Carb Blocker

Buy it from high street pharmacies (Boots, Superdrug etc), some shops (Wilkinsons) and online from Amazon.

What they say:

“This product blocks the breakdown of some dietary carbohydrates therefore reducing the calories absorbed from carbs to help you lose weight. To help give you a weight loss boost we recommend taking for one month or more.

  • Lose up 3x more weight vs. dieting alone*
  • For those with carbohydrate-rich diets
  • Clinically proven. Gentle on your system

The active ingredient of XLS-Medical Carb Blocker is PhaseLite™, which restricts the ability of the digestive enzyme alpha-amylase thereby inhibiting the digestion of complex carbohydrates into glucose. As a result some carbohydrates are left undigested as they are too large to be absorbed in the intestine and are excreted naturally.”

Does xls medical make you fart?

My experience: Windy wind double wind windy pops, is the best I can say about this little pill – I started slowly, taking a half dose first – you take two tablets just before/after you eat.

I followed a heathy diet whilst taking these pills, aiming for less than 1500 cals a day, which should see some weight loss – my food is probably quite carb heavy, adore pasta, rice and bread.

The first thing that you notice is the wind, not to put too finer point on it, they make you fart!!  But more than that, my tummy for about 3 days felt most of the time like a cement mixer, quite frankly, it was not happy!  But as far as side effects go, I would consider them to be mild, and short lived.

I left it seven days before having stepping on the scales:

1st seven days – NO CHANGE

After 14 days – ½ pound gained

21 days – ¼ pound lost

28 days – 1 pound gained!

So after 28 days I had gained 1 and a ¼ pounds!

Conclusion:  Easy to take – mild side effects which didn’t last – expensive  and for me, didn’t appear to do a damn thing!

(They cost: the RRP for a trial 10 day pack is £29.99 – but most of the time there are promotions and they are anything from £10 (Wilkinsons) to £16.50ish (Amazon)).

maxstenthXLS Medical Max Strength

So when I was taking the above, the shelves suddenly had a new kid on the block, with some big promises to boot –  XLS Medical Max Strength – so, possibly the sensible of you out there would assume that I would of course think “heh no, if the carb blocker isn’t working, then this new one is not worth your pennies…..” right?  But no, of course not, I am straight down Boots the next day forking out for a pot of them!

So this time the claim is that they help with both fat and carbs – it’s a triple bubble!  XLS claim that these new amazing Max Strength tablets are the “first slimming aid to reduce calorie intake from carbohydrates, sugar and fat”.  How could I possibly resist?

What they say:

“New XLS-Medical Max Strength is our most effective product yet. It is up to 33% more effective for weight loss so now you can reach your weight loss goal even faster*. It is the first product to reduce calorie intake from carbohydrates, sugar and fat, ideal for those that want to lose weight fast*. XLS-Medical Max Strength’s active ingredient is Clavitanol™ a patented organic plant based complex which reduces the break down and absorption of dietary carbohydrates, sugar and fat. The combined sugar blocker, fat blocker and carb blocker formula results in reduced calorie intake which helps you to lose more weight than dieting and exercise alone. In addition, XLS-Medical Max Strength lowers blood glucose and insulin levels, which helps in curbing food cravings and with blood glucose management.”

So along with the same sensible calorie controlled diet I took them dutifully as instructed (this time just twice a day) up to 30 minutes before eating, with the hope I would lose 33% more weight than dieting alone!

It could be that my system was already primed, after the carb blockers, but I had no side effects at all when taking these tablets, in fact there was no evidence at all to suggest that I was taking them, because actually I didn’t lose a single pound for the first two weeks, and then in week three half a pound had managed to go!  This was swiftly reversed by week four and for the month I took the pills my weight stayed absolutely and resolutely the same!


Unfortunately, my only conclusion was that they appeared to do absolutely nothing for me.  I had no side effects, not even the one I wanted – to lose weight!

(They cost: the RRP or a 1 month pack of 120 is £79.99 – most of the there are promotions and at the time of writing Amazon was selling them for £41.28) – Boots do a smaller trial 10 day pack as well).

FatbinderXLS Fat Binder

Fat Binders have always scared me – I had heard too many horror stories about being caught short, the almost unbearable wind and worse the fact that you can’t step off the loo if you eat just a little too much fat.  In fact, a friend told me about a women who was taking them, went to work, had a coughing fit and couldn’t get up for the rest of the day having to wait for everyone else to leave before she could finally race out of the office (no doubt an exaggeration, but a cautionary tale nonetheless)!!!!

However, by now I had become familiar with the shelves of diet products, and my eyes had been drawn to fat binders which promised to be gentle on your stomach, that because their active ingredient was all natural there was no danger!

Undaunted (although dented, my purse that is), I headed back to Boots, and this time XLS Fat Binders were purchased.   Unlike the two above, you take these straight after eating, and you can take up to 6 a day (so breakfast, lunch and dinner), their website does state that if you have had a very fatty meal you can take 3 tablets at the same time.

What they say:

“XLS-Medical Fat Binder’s active ingredient is Litramine™ which binds readily with dietary fat from food and becomes a large fat fibre complex. This fat-fibre complex is too large to be absorbed in the small intestine and is eventually excreted from the body.

After the fat binding phase, the essential fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E are released and absorbed in the body. This optimizes the availability of fat-soluble vitamins for absorption by the body.”

Sounds great huh, and it can apparently help you lose 3x more weight than dieting alone!

I embarked with some fear because of those horror stories, and started at the weekend, on a half dose!  But despite all of my trepidation I had no side effects, apart from a little wind on the first few days, the kind that sits trapped in your tummy all day without an apparent way out!!

I was really good on these tablets, sticking to a low calorie diet and feeling positive, but again the results just didn’t happen, for the 30 days I took them I lost a pound, put on half a pound, lost a pound, put on half a pound – so the most success was had so far, my overall tally was a half pound loss (I think it is air to point out also that I have a low fat diet, and so perhaps simply just don’t eat enough fat for the binders to make a real difference)!!!


I did at this point say to myself  “No more” and resolved to stop throwing money away.  But then I just happened to be in Boots one day and saw that SlimSip was on sale, now I had good things about SlimSlip and before buying I duly logged on, read all the Amazon reviews and anything else I could find.  Most seemed positive – instead of helping you lose weight by not absorbing fat, sugar or carbs, SlimSip is mixed with water and glugged down about 30 minutes before eating.  Once it is mixed with water the tiny crystals start to become a thick gel, and the idea is a simple one, it kids your tummy into thinking its full.  There really does appear to be scientific evidence that the active ingredient Glucomannan can help with weight loss.

What they say:

“Slim Sips highest grade of purified Glucomannan is backed by 14 Clinical Studies over a period of 20 years!

EFSA Approved – The only product in its category supported by two European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) claims for both Weight Loss & Cholesterol Management.

Each Sachet of Slim Sips formulation contains 1.34 grams of the highest grade of purified Glucomannan. It is this amount per serving and this grade of Glucomannan that has been shown in the clinical studies to contribute to both weight loss and cholesterol management.”

The blackcurrant flavoured sludge is not too hard to drink down, and they do advise that you drink plenty of water to ensure it finds its way down to your tummy, a little bit of reading does reveal a possible choking hazard of not drinking with enough water, and it expanding in your throat.  So with that in mind, I ensured I drank plenty of water.

I think I realised the very first time I took the sachets that they were not going to work for me – in fact, I would go so far as to say I felt more hungry, it was that kind of strange empty full hungry you normally get from drinking lots of water on an empty stomach.

I admit I only stuck to taking these for the duration of the box, it was pretty obvious I was not eating less than I had been, no miraculous full stomach making me not want to eat much at all.

Conclusion: I felt a little sicky and full of water but actually I felt like I really did want my meal, so there was food in my tummy.

Strangely this was the one that disappointed me the most, after reading positive reviews, about how full you feel after taking them, I really thought that perhaps just maybe it would work, but apart from some tummy gurgling and a slight feeling of panic after reading it can get stuck in your throat if you don’t drink enough water, I can honestly say there were no other effects!

So you would think, of course, that any sane person would say enough is enough, but nope not me!

appeXLS Appetite Reducer

For some crazy reason, when I pop into Boots a week or so later, and see XLS Medical Appetite Reducers are on special offer I cannot help myself, and after no more than a cursory glance I purchase a box.

So XLS Medical Appetite Reducers are different to Slim Slip in that you take tablets, rather than mix up a drink, but I think, after a little more research that actually the “active” ingredient is the same, although XLS always create a propriety name! But actually it is a natural product that swells up and apparently keeps you full.

What they say:

“XLS-Medical Appetite Reducer helps control your hunger, acting as an effective appetite suppressant, particularly when you are on a very low calorie diet such as using meal replacement diets.

Let XLS-MEDICAL Appetite Reducer give you a helping hand, just take two capsules with a full glass of water 30 minutes before your meal replacement bar or shake or your meal daily. 94% of people experienced a feeling of fullness when using XLS-MEDICAL Appetite Reducer. To help control snacking take a capsule in between meals with a full glass of water. Appetite Reducer should always be accompanied by a healthy balanced diet. Do not exceed a maximum of nine capsules per day.

Unlike Slim Slip, I noticed absolutely nothing –no nasty full/empty filling but, also, I was not fuller! I suspect I simply wasn’t drinking the same amount of water

So this is a short write up, because I should have seriously known better!  XLS Medical Appetite Suppressant did nothing – I wasn’t fuller, I didn’t feel inclined to eat less, and truth be told I still have a half a box full.  Because, the switch really did finally go in my head, and I realised what a total waste of money all the pills I had popped had been.

I really do hope that for some folks they are successful!! Those review on Amazon can’t all be fake…..can they?  But for me, I am going to stop wasting my money on what I hope will be quick fixes and take the long road – the one where you eat less and move more……!!

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