Mythos Web Series – it’s a golden find!

Just over a year ago, I spoke to actress and writer Miriam Pultro (HERE) at the time she was working on a web series Mythos which was due for fairly imminent release.

So, a year down the line, I thought it was time I checked out how Mythos was fairing, having realised that despite my good intentions, I hadn’t actually watched an episode.

I was therefore extremely pleased to see that the series has done incredibly well, the cast and crew having been nominated for, and won, various awards. 

It was with a little bit of hopeful anticipation that I sat down last night, with a cuppa and a few custard creams (my standard TV watching equipment), and watched the first season.

If you have never watched a web series before, then you are in for a treat, it’s a little like finding out how good Oero cookies are a few years after everyone else (remember a few years back when they made to the UK shores and we all sniffed a little at the “American biscuit”, but then when you actually have one, you are hooked?), there is a vast goldmine to be found, of hours and hours of television available in the form of web series’, and their popularity and reach grows all the time (I have included some links below, to get you started!)  In essence, the internet has opened the world of film-making up, allowing those aspiring and struggling actors, writers, producers and directors to poke a finger up (more than likely their middle finger – or as I like to call it Toby Tall, sitting next to Peter Pointer and Ruby Ring) at mainstream production companies who refuse to take a risk or are simply unable to ‘make everything’ etc etc.

A word of warning should be inserted here, the world of the web series includes the very good, the good, the bad and the absolutely bloody awfully ugly.  The fact that someone thinks they can act/write/direct or produce does not necessarily translate into them being able to, so be prepared to trawl about – you will find some gold.

And, I am extremely relieved to find out that Mythos is amongst that gold.

The blurb about it says…

“Throughout the world, there are stories told about great beings — gods, heroes, spirits — who shaped and influenced the lives of men. What’s truly amazing is the similarities you can find in mythologies of all cultures. There are many characters that appear in the myths of otherwise unrelated civilizations, often oceans apart — the Virgin Warrior, the Trickster, the Allfather.

What if these characters were all based on the same beings? A god, an angel, an alien? A humanoid more powerful and ancient than a human, but still flawed and mortal? And, if they were still on earth, what would their current lives be like?

This is the story we want to tell.”

In essence, Mythos follows a group of people who encompass the above, but who for arguments sake we will call gods, living on earth now, all have made normal ‘human’ lives for themselves and yet all are powerful immortal beings.

Mythos is written, produced and stars the very talented Miriam Paltro, and it is undoubtedly a vehicle for her, but why the heck should it not be, she along with a few others, have made the series on a shoestring and it is, in the main, extremely good.

Mythos is well acted, and very well written, the script is good and flows, but clever and unafraid use has been made of silence and music, rather than having a constant dialogue, this I found bold and impressive, because there is the danger that it could appear empty or slow, but it really doesn’t.

A major difference in web series’ to a normal tv series is the necessity for them to be quite short, with all the episodes being around 5 – 8 minutes long, and so over nine episodes you watch about an hour in all.

Most of the main characters are very well fleshed and acted, there can be a tendency to overact in web series’, and I think playing ‘gods’ in a way that didn’t come over a comic book villain is a hard ask, but most of the time the balance is well struck.  Miriam Paltro’s performance does stand out amongst the cast, she has thought so much about her character and is able to convey without words at times what she is thinking.

If I have a criticism, it is the lack of any humour of any kind.  I suspect that is a British trait, if the world was burning down we would comment that at least it was nice and warm, and Mythos is an American made series and I suspect no humour was thought to be necessary, but I would have liked the odd smile moment.

There is currently only one series of Mythos, but a second is in pre-production, it is well worth the watch and I really wish them luck and hope it gets made.

You can watch the first episode of Mythos here:



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