Nerd Block jr Girls August 2015 Unboxing




This month we are doing something a little different whereby we took a look at one of the monthly subscription boxes which seem to be all the rage these days with ones popping up all the time
Now if you haven’t heard of these before basically you signing up to a subscription whereby a blind box of goodies is delivered to your door each month supposedly containing more value than what you paid for it!

For our subscription we chose to go with Nerd block who offer a range of different themes to suite different tastes for us we really wanted to try out one of their junior boxes for girls since we have two of those aged 7 and 9 both of who attended their first Comic Con this year so were still a little on a high.

Anyway without further ado let’s get opening that box.
First out is the rather nice little action figure set Wild Kratts from the TV show of the same name; this went down a treat as both girls liked these, and yes we did have to get two boxes or otherwise we would have a riot which was good because they both got different figures.
Wild Kratts

Following that was again another item they both loved a Shopkins Snap Bracelet perfect! Next out was something we all thought was the making of this box – a really cool Lego Master Builders Hat coloured in pink camouflage.
Taking a little breather while they modelled their new wearables, we next pulled out a pack of Nommies characters, from the game cut the rope, while they were cute my girls were not really that impressed by these – mainly because they have never played the game so had no real reference to go on.

And finally, but not least another item that had them both hooting and howling, was a note pad in the shape of a drum with two pencils and rubbers to match as drum sticks, not sure why but they can never have enough pencils and pads so this was a big winner too!

How did we rate this over all? Well we would have to say very pleased there probably was not too much value moneywise made but in fun and excitement on their faces well we felt we came out very rich indeed!

Lego Master Builders Hat cut the rope
 drum with two pencils  Shopkins Snap Bracelet