No need to call out for Pizza!

Pizza Lovers Recipes

Most of the time, even for me, a Pizza is either a fling in the oven, forget about it, overcooked pre-frozen affair, or comes via a small motorcycle, but Pizza is surprisingly easy to make, and can be delicious home-made, and every now and again, I make sure I have the ingredients and make my own

take away pizza

For the last few weeks, I have been indulging my love of pizza and finding some great recipes to share, but remember, the great thing about a pizza is you can pretty much fling on top of it anything you like, once you find a base you like (and do experiment, most supermarkets will also do packet mixes of pizza dough, which although not as nice as the proper home made bases, are still better than a frozen piece of cardboard tasting pizza), the possibilities are endless.

Here are my top finds, all tried and tested!

BBC Good Food

pizza margherian

Pizza margherita in 4 easy steps

The BBC’s Good Food website is always a great place to trawl for recipes, I would say I have found and used more recipes fromhere than almost anywhere else, generally easy to follow, with a good outcome!

This recipe is for the classic margherita, and as I am firmly in the simple is best camp as far as pizza goes, I really loved this recipe, the dough really isn’t too much of a phaff, and as thin crusts work so much better in a home made pizza, there isn’t the need for lots of time waiting for the dough to rise.

The ingredient list being a simple cheese and tomato pizza is commendably short, and makes a delicious pizza, but you can of course add whatever extra’s you want.

Pizza alla Napoletana

Another very simple pizza recipe that just works! I adore all recipes by Antonio Carluccio, the Italian master, and his recipe for pizza dough is more of a phaff than some others, but I think its worth it, use this dough and top with pretty much anything.

The Napoletana topping is as simple and delicious as they come, learning to make pizza from an Italian has got to be good! Hasn’t it?


Spinac Egg pizza

Every time I go to a certain Pizza chain, I always have a pizza made with spinach, with an egg on top,so when I found this recipe, I was keen to try it, it makes a heartier more filling pizza than the above two recipes, and I loved it. Fairly easy to make, the ingredient list is longer but the method is simple as with all pizzas. I cheated and used the BBC Good Food dough recipe, as it take far less time, asking for no rising, means a meal gets on the table quicker.

For a meat free filling, healthy pizza, this is a winner.

best pizza recipe

Prosciutto, mozzarella and fig pizza

This pizza looks the most fancy, and it is up to a point, but the list of ingredients is fairly minimal, and with all home made pizzas; the most time is had making the base.

The sweetness of the figs is delicious against the salty prosciutto, and the fact that you cook only half the figs, leaving the other half still fresh and raw makes the pizza taste incredibly fresh and light, lots of fresh basil finishes it off perfectly.

Making pizza dough can be a pain, but really its worth it, once you start making your own pizzas, you wont want to stop, kids love it, don’t stick to just these recipes, fling on anything you have in the fridge!