Why Giving to Charity is Good For You!

Katie Silver writes about budgeting and saving money rather well! But we have chosen to share a short piece from her budgeting book “Still Living Life on a Budget”, not really about budgeting, but instead about why giving to charity is rather good for how you see yourself in this world, and for realising how … Read more

Rapture Rejects has its first Gender-Neutral Character!

It took close to a year to make the game look like it’s part of the Cyanide & Happiness universe, and we went the extra mile with a gender-neutral character creator. Since then, we’ve been crafting an insane amount of customizable items and prepping for the private alpha. Private Alpha Update Thousands of people signed up … Read more

Gousto – your dinner in a box!

I have seen advertisements for a while now for Gousto, and on the recommendation of a friend, I finally recently got round to signing up! For those not in the know, what is Gousto? They say: “Gousto is a recipe box company. We make it simple to cook good food at home, delivering easy-to-follow recipes … Read more

Ebook Review – Cassandra – Lottie Winter


RazberryThis is the second book from Lottie Winter, and when she asked us to review it, after loving her first offering The Inauguration of the Carnal Set, I was very happy to take on the mantle.

Cassandra is billed as the first full novel in The Carnal Set series, and it certainly does not disappoint!

Let’s get the standard e-book stuff out of the way first!  It is well written, decently edited and reads as good as any novel from one of the big publishing houses, this book certainly doesn’t suffer from some of the problems which afflict some e-books which don’t have the benefit of a huge publisher, instead it is classy, professional and actually extremely good.

Four Stars for a exceptionally good erotic novel.

Razberry rating:

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Birchbox May 2018 Review

I haven’t had a subscription box for a while!, it feels a little like the heyday of a different box coming out every other day is long gone, along with a fair few of the boxes!  One which appears to have weathered the storm is Birchbox!, and as I am always one looking to discover … Read more

MCM Comic Con London – May 2018

It was with a bubbling sense of excitement that I headed off to London Excel last weekend, not because I was new to attending MCM Comic Con, but because this May was the first MCM London Comic Con put on since MCM were taken over by the American company Reed Pop, there has been a … Read more

Web Series Review – Pairings

Pairings is a web series I happened upon, admittedly whilst trawling YouTube for a binge watchable offering to review! It dates back to 2014, but that really doesn’t matter!  In fact I think finding a good web series has gotten harder and harder, at one point you were tripping over brilliant, mediocrity and the horrendous … Read more

Fall in Love with Audio Books


I used to love reading, well no, that’s not true, I still love reading, but life is so busy! Bringing up a family and working means that anytime I would love to have a good ole read I am generally so tired that I fall asleep minutes! But on the other hand there are too … Read more