WeekendBoxClub – Great fun for your kids (and you!)

A few weeks ago I happened upon WeekendBoxClub.com, and was instantly interested.  I have a very active three year old son and of course am part of the team behind Kewelboxes.com and BoxofHorrors.com, so am always keen to see how others do it! WeekendBoxClub.com is a subscription box service for children, offering either fortnightly, or … Read more

Three Year Old Watching Finding Dory Trailer

Me: “Come and see this, tell Mummy what you think” Offspring: “Nope no no no” Me: “Come on its really quick and you will like it” Offspring: “No no no, its stupid fish again” Me: “Ok, well I am going to watch it, its looks like fun” Offspring: “Well I dont care and I am … Read more

Kewel Boxes – February Unboxing – Fear

I have to be honest, Kewel Box time has become a rather exciting monthly happening (I don’t get out much), and despite in all honesty being not a fan of horror at all, I was looking forward to their Fear Box, being a British box which has thus far managed to find some kind of … Read more

Ebook Review – Grace by Samuel J Lumley

Grace by Samuel J Lumley is rather to categorise, there is romance, there is mystery, there is an absolutely coming of age element, there is even a little violence!  What Grace mostly is, is brilliant, and I truly don’t say those words easily, and even now when I do there are a few things I should qualify – yes, its brilliant, once you get past the first few rather slow chapters, and yes its brilliant even though some of the dialogue seems to go on rather too long!

Razberry Rating

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London Super Comic Con – good times!

A cold dreary rainy February London day was made fabulously bright and warm by a brilliant day at the London Super Comic Con! Held each year at Excel Centre, this was my first (but not my last) LSCC, and I was not disappointed! Comic Cons are such vibrant colourful events, full of wonderful creativity and … Read more

Kewel Boxes – January Unboxing – London Calling

I was very pleased when Kewel Boxes asked me if I would do another review of their box (this time the January box). The Razberry Juice team is so affiliated with the Kewel Boxes team (they are the same people give or take a few newbies) that they have shipped it out to me, a … Read more

Winter’s finally here! Lets Get Stewing!

Crockpot-Beef-Stew_4839Finally, it seems as though winter has arrived, and as soon as it gets icy outside its definitely time for some warming winter food, and a hearty stew is always top of my list, they are delicious and easy to make, with the added bonus of one pot cooking!

A slow cooker is a fabulous winter addition to any kitchen, and one of those gadgets that hopefully won’t get let to gather dust, they save on electricity, save you time,the results are delicious and you can do many things! If you shop around you can find a decent slow cooker for as little as £15 – £20, and they really are worth every penny.

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