POPBANDS Review – The no rip, no slip hairband.




With two girls aged 7 and 5 fashion sometimes can be circles of trial and error as the girls go through their own individual styles and tastes, so it was no surprise to see their excitement when the lovely pink package from Popband came through the door.

Razberry Rating:

The first thing to notice about these hair bands is how nice they are packaged, the girls even had a small fight over who got to keep the pink shiny envelope!  Each Popband was sealed in clear package containing instructions on how to use.  There are lots of colours and patterns available, but the girls have been sporting pink, grey, wine and a funky zebra pattern, all of which were beautifully designed and are made to a high standard.

The real test would come after a full day of school and I have to say I was not surprised that once placed in the girls' hair at just how well they held it in place adding a splash of colour and coolness (according to them!).  The girls just loved them, and for once they were running out the door to go to school, to show them off to their friends!  And and one thing I would say is if your school has uniforms like ours, which just happen to be wine coloured, then these are a nice touch as it’s always hard to find good hair bands or ties that also match the uniform so the wine one was a perfect match.

Once home and the Popbands were out, I was surprised that they really didn't leave any kinks and their hair fell back to is natural place, so they definitely do what they advertise!

So let's be honest, the final say goes to the girls – did they like them? Their answer they 'loved them', and so did their friends, they loved the colours, the feel and most of all they loved that you could wear them on your wrist like a bracelet adding yet more style to their not always coordinated look!


These are cool these are fun and last but not least they do what they say on the tin – a  definite good buy.



 Where to buy http://thepopband.com