Rapture Rejects has its first Gender-Neutral Character!

It took close to a year to make the game look like it’s part of the Cyanide & Happiness universe, and we went the extra mile with a gender-neutral character creator. Since then, we’ve been crafting an insane amount of customizable items and prepping for the private alpha.

rapure2Private Alpha Update

Thousands of people signed up for the Private Alpha on RaptureRejecs.com, and yesterday we had our first large-scale playtest. It didn’t catch fire to our surprise.

We will be gradually letting in more and more people into these playtests — servers will be live only for a few hours at a time so we can stress-test the system.

Interested in Rapture Rejects?

Here are some FAQs:

Currently we’re focusing on the PC version to get that out the door. Console plans will be figured out at a later stage. 

Is it going to be free or paid?
It’ll be a paid, premium game. We haven’t yet decided on a price point. 

When is it coming out?
We’re in Private Alpha right now, and the goal is to use that to stress-test all systems. Once that’s done, we will go into some sort of Public Alpha and take it from there.

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