Razberry Candy – Dr Who (part 1) – Matt Smith

We have gone a bit unashamedly Who’vian, at Razberry Juice, so much so it has been suggested we rename ourselves Whoberry Juice (yep – that’s awful!).

So when the time came to do this month’s Razberry Candy, we knew it had to be a Doctor – but we just couldn’t decide – therefore in a first for Razberry Juice we are bringing our two Candies head to head!

It’s Matt Smith –v- David Tennant, in a BATTLE OF THE CANDY that exists only in our minds!

The first to get the Candy treatment is the outgoing, Mr Matt Smith (look out for our second David Tennant style installment in a few days)

Name:  Matthew Robert Smith

Age: 31 (born 28 October 1982)

About: Matt Smith is a English actor who rose to worldwide prominence when in January 2009 he became the eleventh actor to take on the role of the Doctor in the BBC series Dr Who, at just 26 years old, he was the youngest actor to be cast in the role.  Although he had been seen on our screens prior to obtaining the keys to the Tardis, compared to most other actors who have taken on the role of the Doctor, he was a relative unknown. 

He was born in Smith Northampton, and it was not acting at all that was his first ambition, but football, he was on course for a career as a professional footballer, playing for both Leicester City and Nottingham Forest youth teams  but a serious back injury put pay to that dream (he is still himself a huge football fan, his team being Blackburn Rovers).

He hadn’t thought of acting as a career option, and it was not until, his drama teacher spotted something in him, and signed him up for a part in an adaptation of Twelve Angry Men without telling him.  Matt took the role, but it was some time before he was able to stop seeing himself as a footballer, and embrace the idea of being an actor.  But luckily for us mere mortals, he did embrace it, and it was the same teacher who persuaded him to join the National Youth Theatre in London, and one of his very first theatre roles was playing Thomas Becket in Murder in the Cathedral and then Basoon in The Master and Margarita, and it was this role which, when seen by a agent, catapulted him into the professional world.

Before the Doctor beckoned, he appeared on our TV screens in his first television role in 2006, when he played Jim Taylor in the BBC production of the Sally Lockhart quartet books The Ruby in the Smoke and The Shadow in the North (a Doctor Who link – Billie Piper took the title role of Sally Lockhart, and she of course was one of the companions to our other Candy – David Tennant).

He didn’t have to wait very long for his first major role, this coming in 2007 when he starred in another BBC show, Party Animals, a series about fictional parliamentary advisors and researchers in Westminster.   Matt played  Danny Foster, the parliamentary researcher for a Labour politician and junior Home Office minister – Jo Porter.  However Party Animals was not a huge hit, and a second series was not commissioned.

The above rather short and sweet career then takes us already into his role as the Doctor, Matt in fact was one of the very first actors to audition for the role, but it took a full three of auditions for the makers of the show to admit that despite the reservations about his age, Matt Smith was the next Doctor, and really had been from that very first audition.

His announcement as the Doctor was not met with universal approval, many fans saying he was simply too young to play the role.  However he has gone on to prove himself as an extremely popular Doctor, far removed from Tennant’s portrayal, he worked hard to make the Doctor just eccentric enough to be more interesting and annoying, and even though Smith might himself be a spring chicken, he has shown a depth to the Doctor and seen him through some of his hardest and darkest times.

Matt is bowing out of the Tardis very shortly, his last appearance being on that ever popular and now part of Christmas day in the UK, Christmas Special.

So what next for him?  He will be appearing in 2014 in his first role on the big screen, when he stars in How to Catch a Monster, which has been written and directed by Ryan Gosling, described as fantasy-neo-noir, we are sure it will see Matt forging a career beyond the Doctor!

What Makes Him Razberry Candy?  Well apart from the obvious Dr Who connection, Matt Smith is absolutely one of the most interesting and talented actors these shores have produced in a while.