Razberry Candy – Dr Who (part 2) – David Tennant

We promised you two Who’s in December, and as the month is getting nearer to a close, taking 2013 with it, we thought we had better get our fingers out and get going! (you can read Part 1 Matt Smith HERE)

So as we are always good to our word, we bring you all Razberry Candyied up nicely – Mr David Tennant (and we also promise no more Dr Who for a little while at least!).  But we need your help to decide who really wins the head to head – keep reading to the end and then let us know….!

Name: David Tennant (born McDonald)

Age: 42 (born 18 April 1971)

About:  Scottish actor David Tennant was born in Bathgate, West Lothian where his Dad was the local Church of Scotland Minister.  Dreams of acting started very young for Tennant, at the tender age of three he told his parents that he wanted to become an actor inspired after watching Doctor Who, and he was never swayed from this ambition.  His parents did, as most parents would, try to steer into more a reliable and safe career, but to no avail, acting was for him! 

Tennant went to Ralston Primary School, and then on to Paisley Grammar School of course acting and starring in school productions.  He was spotted at the young age of just eleven when performing in his very first stage play by fellow Scottish actress, Edith MacArthur, who told his parents he was going to become a talented stage actor. 

He then went on to study at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama, one of their youngest students, he passed the audition at just sixteen!  

He was also just sixteen years old when he had his first professional acting part, appearing in an anti-smoking film for the Glasgow Health Board, and for those of us of a certain age (the writer included) who will remember this series with fondness, he appeared in an episode of Dramarama!  He also like many actors trod the boards during this time, and has in fact continued to do so throughout his whole career. 

Although the reason for this Razberry Candy was featuring David Tennant as Dr Who, it is very true that unlike Matt Smith, David had had a rather long and rather successful career before the Tardis came knocking. 

He was a household name in fact, his career having been on an upward trajectory since the very start.  Perhaps before he owned a sonic screwdriver, he was best known on the small screen for playing Casanova in the BBC series of the same name (written by none other than Russell T Davies – and it was in fact Tennant’s portrayal and acting that led to him to later being cast as the Tenth Doctor) and on the big screen in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (in 2005), where he played the rather nasty Barty Crouch, Jr.

Add to this some rather meaty stage roles, (including a much commended Hamlet), and other roles on TV, when he was announced as the Tenth Dr Who, much of Great Britain felt we already knew him, and as the Doctor he really did play a blinder, after Christopher Eccleston played just one series, the role was really very ripe still for defining and he really did, and in November 2013, he was voted (by as the UK’s favourite Doctor).  He was the first Doctor who really gave into his romantic side, and who allowed his merciless streak to show.  Dr Who fans would probably say after the disappointment of Eccelston’s one series, Tennant made it all better again. 

Tennant himself is a Dr Who super fan, so playing the role was a dream come true, and his Dr Who connections just keep on coming, he is married to Georgia Moffett who just happens to be the daughter of Peter Davison who played the fifth Doctor!!  So the Doctor has the Doctor for a father-in-law.

After leaving the role in 2009, David Tennant has continued to show us why he is one of the most popular and versatile actors on our screens today, his career has continued that upward climb with many leading roles under his belt since ceasing to travel in time and space.  Most recently in the rather good and meaty BBC drama The Escape Artist!

Why is he Razberry Candy?: As with Matt Smith, no more needs to be said, that that he is simply the Doctor.


Head to Head…..who wins??

How can we choose?  Tennant definitely has the longer and at the moment more successful career, but Smith has shown us, through his role as the Doctor just what a darn good actor he is, and the roles will of course now keep flooding in, with a leading man on the big screen career sure to be in the off’ing.

Tennant wanted to act all his life, inspired by watching Dr Who, and has realised that dream to perfection.  Smith fell into acting and despite trying to walk away and not be interested others saw enough talent in him to persuade him to keep at it!.

Tennant was voted most popular Doctor of all time, Smith has just left the role on Christmas day in prime time TV gold!

We can’t choose…. Tell us who your favourite is?