Razberry Candy – Dr Who! Peter Capaldi



NAME: Peter Capaldi (AKA Dr Who)

At Razberry Juice we are huge Doctor Who fans, Saturday nights for Razberry Juicers are always best when the doctor is in the house! So it was therefore with slightly baited breath that we waited for a perennially overexcited Zoe Ball to announce that the new Doctor was going to be Peter Capaldi. Now it is perhaps true he is not the usual fodder for Razberry Candy, however the fact he is the Doctor makes him automatically qualify.


ABOUT: So who is Peter Capaldi? He is a 55 year old Scottish actor. His was in born on 14 April 1958 in Glasgow, although his mother's family was from Ireland, and his father's from Picinisco, in Italy.

His desire for and future on the stage started early when at primary school he put on a puppet show, but it was while he was at secondary school his love of acting began, he was a member of the Antonine Players, who put on performances at the Fort Theatre in Bishopbriggs.

After leaving school, he headed off to study at the Glasgow School of Art, and it was was whilst studying there that he was the lead singer of “Dreamboys” a punk rock band (our American readers will recognise the drummer of the same band – it was none other than Craig Ferguson). However it was acting not music that was going to be Peter's future career, and from 1983 until 2005, Capaldi was one of those actors, who although rarely off our screens, was possibly still quite anonymous, he has worked consistently since his first appearance as Danny Oldsen in Local Hero, that fabulously watch-able British film set in the wilds of Scotland.

Prior to 2005, he also appeared in many favourite Television shows, on the big screen and was heard on the radio. He has been in Minder, C.A.T.S eyes, Rab C Nesbitt, Ruth Rendall Mysteries, Poirot, Stay Lucky, Prime Suspect, Chandler and Co, The Vicar of Dibley, The Crow Road, In Deep, Judge John Deed, Sea of Souls, My Family, Foyle's Way and Peep Show to name but a few.

It was though in 2005 that he landed the role that most of us



know him for – as the awful Martin Tucker in the utterly brilliant BBC comedy satire The Thick of It. Martin Tucker was the abrasive, foul mouthed spin doctor who was perhaps based a little on Alistar Campbell, the infamous spin doctor at the heart of New Labour. This role brought Capaldi more into the main stream, and won him a BAFTA and two British Comedy Awards.

The Thick of It ran from 2005 until 2012, and during this time, Capeldi continued to be what he has always been – a very successful jobbing actor – appearing in Torchwood (a Dr Who spin-off), Midummer Murders, Waking the Dead, Accused, Dr Who (not as the doctor! Yet!!) and The Hour (for which he was nominated for a BAFTA) amongst others.

When Matt Smith announced that he was leaving the role of the Doctor, and speculation began as to who exactly was going to be the new Doctor, Capeldi's name was one of those randomly thrown around, however at 25 years Smith's senior and with Malcolm Tucker, his most well-known role being about as un PC and un pre-watershed as it is possible to be, he was not a favourite until the very last few furlongs.

His announcement as the doctor, has been almost universally welcomed it seems by Dr Who fans, who are keen to see yet another take on what is quite possibly the best job in TV for an actor. He is a talented actor, with a keen eye for character, so it is going to be great to see what direction he takes. We are most interested to know if like David Tennent, the Scottish accent will have to go!

Capaldi revealed he has himself been a lifelong fan of the show, and you could most definitely tell from his interview with Ms Ball, that he himself is as excited to land the role as the rest of us are too see him at the Tardis' helm!

What Makes him Razberry Candy?: He is DR WHO!