Razberry Candy – Kevin Bacon

Kevin Bacon
  Kevin Norwood Bacon

AGE: 55 (born 8 July 1958)

ABOUT: Is an American actor whose prolific film career has spanned over 36 year and included more than 70 film roles! 

Bacon was born and grew up in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

 One of six children, his mother Ruth was an elementary school teacher, whilst his Father Edmund was an architect and for many years was the Executive Director of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission.  One of six children, it was at the age of 16, when the young Mr Bacon won a scholarship to the Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Arts at Bucknell University (five-week arts program at which he studied theatre under Dr Glory Van Scott) that drove and fueled his passion for the arts and acting in particular.

At the tender age of 17, he headed off to New York, set on a career in acting – in the theatre.  His debut on the big screen came in the comedy National Lampoon's Animal House, way back in 1978 however this wasn’t really his big break, as he ended up waiting tables again, while going to every audition possible, and heading back to the theatre.   He did, in the late 70’s and early 80’s have some small roles in American daytime soaps, including Search for Tomorrow and Guiding Light.  Bacon was however back on cinema screens in 1980, with a role in the slasher hit Friday the 13th.

Bacon continued his career on the stage, and in 1982, he starred with two other then unknowns, Val Kilmer and Sean Penn on Broadway in the John Byrne play ‘The Slab Boys’.   

It was in the same year however, that Bacon finally got a credible break and was ‘noticed’, starring in Diner, from that point on he landed better and better roles, and of course in 1984 he starred in Footloose that iconic 1980’s movie, about a town where music and dancing have been banned, the final dance scene is how many will forever see Kevin Bacon, and his very recent re-enacting of it, on an American talk show proved that despite the passage of time Bacon hasn’t lost any of the snake hips or moves!!

Following Diner and Footloose, Kevin Bacon has rarely been off the big screen, and it is credit to his talent and versatility that he has appeared in an amazing diverse range of films.  He is very often not a leading man, and that is quite possibly also one of the reasons for his far reaching and successful career – that he is happy to play the supporting role, and very often then ends up outshining the leading man.   Of course, we had to include a filmography (very basic – only films no roles)!

1978       National Lampoon's Animal House

1979       Starting Over                    

1979       The Gift               

1980       Hero at Large

1980       Friday the 13th                

1981       Only When I Laugh         

1982       Diner    

1982       Forty Deuce      

1983       The Demon Murder Case  (TV movie)

1983       Enormous Changes at the Last Minute 

1984       Footloose

1984       Mister Roberts Ens.  (TV movie)

1985       The Little Sister                      

1986       Quicksilver         

1987       White Water Summer   

1987       End of the Line                

1987       Planes, Trains and Automobiles               

1988       She's Having a Baby       

1989       Criminal Law      

1989       The Big Picture                 

1990       Tremors              

1990       Flatliners             

1991       Pyrates                         

1991       Queens Logic    

1991       He Said, She Said

1991       JFK        

1991       A Little Vicious  (narrator – short)

1992       A Few Good Men

1994       The Air Up There             

1994       The River Wild

1994       New York Skyride  (short)

1995       Murder in the First

1995       Apollo 13            

1995       Balto  Balto        

1996       Sleepers

1997       Picture Perfect

1997       Destination Anywhere

1997       Telling Lies in America

1998       Digging to China

1998       Wild Things

1999       Stir of Echoes   

2000       My Dog Skip

2000       We Married Margo

2000       Hollow Man       

2001       Novocaine         

2002       Trapped

2003       Mystic River

2003       In the Cut          

2003       Imagine New York

2004       The Woodsman               

2004       Cavedweller     

2004       Natural Disasters: Forces of Nature (short)

2005       Loverboy (Bacon also directed)

2005       Beauty Shop     

2005       Where the Truth Lies    

2007       Death Sentence              

2007       Rails & Ties         

2007       Saving Angela (short)

2008       The Air I Breathe

2008       Frost/Nixon

2009       The Magic 7

2009       My One and Only

2009       Taking Chance   (TV movie)

2011       Elephant White        

2011       Super   

2011       X-Men: First Class

2011       Crazy, Stupid, Love.       

2012       Jayne Mansfield's Car   

2013       R.I.P.D.               

2013       Skum Rocks!

Testament to his prolific and varied film career is the fact that Kevin Bacon has his very own trivia game  – Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon – the game is based on the idea that any Hollywood actor can be, within six steps, linked to back to Bacon!  The ‘Bacon Index’ has been mathematically formulated and is based upon the Internet Movie Database.  In fact, such is the popularity of the game that if you type into Google the name of any actor followed with the words ‘Bacon Number’ the search engine will tell you the Bacon number, and list the connections (i.e. Harvey Keitel's Bacon number is 2- Harvey Keitel and Robert De Niro appeared in Mean Streets – Robert De Niro and Kevin Bacon appeared in Sleepers).   Bacon himself was not amused initially however eventually he accepted the inevitable, and actually formed a charity called SixDegree.org, which is a charitable social networking site which links people and charities.

Most recently in the UK, we have seen Mr Bacon in a series of rather awful and ill-conceived adverts for the mobile network EE,  I think we can forgive him for succumbing to a PR man’s bad ideas – since he has also made a fair few good decisions in his career, one of which is definitely his latest foray, into a US big money TV series – The Following, in which he stars as an FBI agent intent to catching an escaped serial killer – the series has been met with almost universal approval, despite the violent graphic storylines , and it has just been announced that a third series is going to be made.

Finally, Bacon’s other notable, and perhaps for him most notable achievement is his long and successful marriage, and seemingly perfect family life, Kevin has been married to actress Kyra Sedgewick for 23 years, and they have two children, actress Sosie and musician Travis – who all appear to be happy, and unusually for Hollywood totally un-estranged!

What Makes Him Razberry Candy:  A long and successful career and marriage!  Sounds almost too good to be true!  Plus the man can dance!