Razberry Candy – Sean Parker

NAME: Sean Parker

AGE: 32 (born 3 December 1979)

Sean Parker

ABOUT: One of the Facebook “biggies”, Parker was Facebook’s first president, after seeing Facebook on the PC of his then roommate’s girlfriend.  He met up with Mark Zuckerburg a few months after, at the time the company was just five months old and Parker is credited as being the influence that helped turn Facebook from a college project into the phenomenal success it has become.

But Facebook is just part of Parker’s story, he was a co-founder of Napstar, at the tender age of 15, and although lawsuits finally saw the end of Napstar, it certainly revolutionised the music business and is seen as a precursor to Itunes. Plaxo the early social networking tool came next, it quickly had over 20 million users, integrating with Microsoft’s Outlook. Plaxo again didnt last coming to an acrimonious end. But Parker has been at the sharp end of applications that have shaped the way we use the internet and social networking tools.

In 2010 Parker invested the princely sum of $15,000,000.00 into Spotify, then a Swedish only music streaming service, which saw to the launch in 2011 of the service in US, Parker currently sits on the board of the company.

Parker is also involved heavily with Votizen and Airtime, the latter being a team up with his old Naptar co-founder, Sean Fanning.

All in all Parker, who started off as a 15 year old computer hacker and is as at March 2012 thought to be worth an estimated $2.1 billion, is set to help influence the we use, view, and listen to music, media and social media for some time to come.

Sean Parker

WHAT MAKES HIM RAZBERRY CANDY?: Being the only one of the Facebook billionaire set that can scrub up pretty well in a suit, looking like his clothes actually fit him!   


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