Razberry Candy – The Big Bang Theory – Part Two

Raj and Howard kiss


Its the turn of 'the other two!' we brought you John "Johnny" Mark Galecki – who plays Leonard Hofstadter and Jim Parsons – who plays Sheldon Cooper (click here for Part One), but now its time for Simon Helberg who plays Howard Wolowitz and Kunal Nayyar who plays Rajesh Koothrappali, a double act in their own right, these two have arguably the best love affair on the show!……



Simon HelbergNAME: Simon Maxwell Helberg

AGE: 32 (born December 9, 1980)

ABOUT: He is the American actor and comedian who plays the fabulously awful Howard Wolowitz M.Eng. Born in Los Angeles, California, Helberg comes from a showbiz family, his father Sandy Helberg is an actor (nothing terribly major, plenty of small parts in American TV series'), his mother Harriet is a casting director. Helberg attended Crossroads School, in Santa Monica, always wanting to be an actor, after school he headed off to the University in New York, where he studied at the Tisch School of Arts, training at the Atlantic Theater Company.

As at child, he watched the film The Karate Kid, which inspired him to learn karate and at the tender age of just 10 he earned a black belt! At just 5'4" tall, we would assume these skills have helped him stand a little taller!

Like the other Big Bang Theory guys, until the series found him, Helberg was moderately successful, appearing in minor roles in films such as National Lampoon's Van Wilder, A Cinderella Story and George Clooney's 2005 film – Good Night, and Good Luck, along with parts in fairly un-noteworthy TV films.

He was one half of the comedy duo Derek & Simon, along with Derek Waters. They starred in a web series originally named Derek & Simon: The Show, on a now defunct comedy website called Super Deluxe, which was written with comedian Bob Odenkirk.

He biggest role before the Big Bang Theory was probably the one season he spent at MADtv (an American sketch comedy television series) in 2002, and although he was contracted as a feature performer, his contract after one season was not renewed.

Howard Helberg plays Howard Joel Wolowitz M.Eng the nerdy engineer with a peanut allergy and just 3% fat who (according to Raj) looks like a human chicken wing! He is the only one of the four main characters without a doctorate, a fact he is not allowed to forget! But Howard is also the only one of them who has been to space and the only one of them (since series 6) to be married – to the lovely Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz (played by Melissa Rauch). But before his marriage, Howard very notably still lived with his mother, who treated him very much still like a small boy, which both annoyed and pleased Howard it seems in equal proportions, his mother (played by Carol Ann Susi ) is never actually seen, only heard hollering various criticisms at Howard.

Most of the comedy surrounding Howard (and there is a lot!) revolves around his constant desire to be a ladies man (before he meets Bernadette), virtually always unsuccessful, he most often teams up with Raj to make a very unsuccessful duo. Much of Howard's comedy is physical, his clothing and stance often being enough to set off a smile!

Whilst Sheldon derives great pleasure from belittling Howard for his lack of a doctorate, it is Howard who gets the last laugh, not only getting to work with Sheldon's hero Sir Stephen Hawking, but also travelling into space, and spending time at the International Space Station.


NAME: Kunal Nayyar

AGE: 31 (born April 30, 1981)

ABOUT: Nayyar was born in London, but was raised and grew up in New Delhi, India, where he attended St Columba's School. It was in 1999 that he moved to the US to study for a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Finance at the University of Portland in Oregan, and it was while he was studying that he got a taste and a liking for acting, appearing in several school plays and then taking acting classes. He decided to become a professional actor after participating in the American College Theater Festival, and to realise this dream he attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania receiving a Master of Fine Arts in Acting.

His role in BBT is his biggest role to date, however he does voice the Bengali badger, Gupta in the fabulous animated film Ice Age: Continental Drift.

Before he auditioned for BBT, Nayyar had roles in plays in London and the US, making his bread and butter appearing in TV commercials on American TV (none as controversial as Jim Parsons ill chosen ad for !). His most noteworthy (and it isn’t really at all) role before the Big Bang Theory was in a episode of NCIS in Season 4; so its a good job that his agent heard about the auditions for the BBT and sent Nayyar off to try out for the part of Raj, who was initially going to be called Dave, an American born to Indian parents, but when Nayyar was cast, he was so 'Indian' the character became the Raj we all know!

RajNayyar plays astrophysicist Rajesh Ramayan "Raj" Koothrappali Ph.D. Raj is the most unsuccessful and unlucky in love out of the four main characters, his most successful relationship so far being his bromance with his best friend Howard Wolowitz, in both often act like are mistaken for being in a homosexual relationship together, and Raj is most definitely the most metrosexual member of the cast, notably carrying a man purse, cooking and bringing low carb and calorie snacks along to a games night.

Most of Raj's laughs come from the fact that he has selective mutism when it comes to talking to women, unless he is under the influence of alcohol or believes that he is. This leads to many scenes where Howard acts as Raj's interpreter, as he cannot even speak to Penny, who lives across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard.

Raj has so far not been in any notable relationships with women, and after Howard becomes engaged to Bernadette (on who Raj has a very big crush), they see him lonely and so buy him a new companion – a Yorkshire Terrier puppy!  

WHAT MAKES THEM RAZBERRY CANDY: We are going to roll out the same ole as we did for Sheldon and Leonard and simply say – they are Howard and Raj – nuff said, which should be good enough!

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