The Sunday Roast is Back!

Summer has officially gone, its done and dusted and autumn is well and truly here, that means Sundays lunchtimes are again all about the roast dinner! And whilst of course I adore any roasted joint of meat, the humble roast chicken is a often more cost effective and just as scrummy alternative, but just throwing a oven ready bird into the oven and hoping for the best really doesn't cut it, everyone has their own methods and recipes for achieving the best results for a succulent tasty roast chicken, but for the last few weeks I have been on a mission scouring the web for recipes which are easy to follow and will give you and your family that perfect Sunday Roast!

Here are my top finds, all tried and tested!

BBC Good Food

Foolproof Slow Roast Chicken

As always, the BBC's Good Food website comes up with the goods, and this was the first time I had cooked chicken like this, the results are very very good, slow roasting means you get a moist bird and throwing the potatoes in as well is one less job to do, no meed to parboil them!   Make sure you use the largest roasting pan you have, this will mean the potatoes have plenty to room to crisp up and brown.  Foolproof is correct, delicious roast chicken incredibly easily.

How to Roast Chicken 

For many people Delia Smith is very simply the boss when it comes to cooking and she is most definitely the person to turn to when looking to learn the basics, whilst this perhaps isn't exactly a recipe – if you have never cooked a chicken or a roast dinner before you cannot do better than following this step by step guide.  I had to force myself to follow the steps, but I was rewarded with a really yummy juicy roast chicken.  For the beginner this is the one for you – Delia will never let you down!

Perfect Roast Chicken

Jamie Oliver is another chef who has been around for long enough to be trusted, and this recipe for roast chicken doesn't let you down and its been on my radar for a while now, a lot longer than the few weeks have been cooking to write this article, I have been roasting my chicken along this lines for a long time now since i first came across the receipe some time ago (and of course with any often cooked dish, I add variations and skip bits!), the great thing about this receipe and webpage is that included are instructions on carving your bird, which is something that can be rather daunting; and if you follow to the letter the instructions you will learn very quickly how to carve the perfect roast chicken (turkey, goose etc!).

Roast Chicken with Herb Stuffing

There are so so many receipes to choose from for cooking the humble chicken, most of which I am sure will give great results!  The reason for including this final recipe from the millions on the web is that is incredibly tasty, if you have found roast chicken to be a little tasteless or boring then make this recipe your next port of call, herby and succulent, I loved it, so far I have only been able to cook it once, but it definitely wont be the last, is one of those websites that needs a little bit of trawling through to find the golden nuggets, and this one defenitely qualifies for golden nugget status! So much so, if you want one recipe to follow this weekend to cook the family a delicious roast dinner – pick this one! 


Unsurprisingly, I am going to finish by encouraging the use of free range chickens, I am not absolutely convinced personally that organic is worth the extra money, BUT free range always is.  But with so many of us looking to save money – in fact needing to save money – a good halfway house is the RSPCA Freedom Food Range.  If you possibly can, avoiding those poor supermarket chickens whose flesh is that awful grey slimy colour, and whose bones are so often broken is always the best course of action!