Sandwich Time

The sandwich is a often humble creation – being somewhat the workhorse of the food world!  Filling a gap when needed, sitting in sandwich boxes ready for action, it can serve as breakfast, lunch or dinner and fills up many hungry holes in between.  The traditional sandwich has recently gone into a bit of a funk, being replaced by trendier wraps and filled pittas, and I confess I have often left it behind in favour of the salads and the jackpots.  However there are times when the sarnie is the only grub fit for the job, and despite a plethora of alternatives, for me, if comfort is really needed grated cheese, raw onion and mayo hits my sarnie spot!  Of course if I am feeling terribly lazy the ham, mayo and crisps option is one few would admit too – but like me, I am sure many indulge. 

This month has been one of hurtling and racing, little time in the kitchen to seek out and try new recipes and lots of time to munch sarnies – seemed like a perfect opportunity to try out some new fillings – no baking bread or spending hours cooking fillings, I wanted some yummy, scrummy seriously filling sarnies. 

As any sammie Connoisseur will I am sure tell you the criteria of sogginess rating and eatability are two of the most important factors in a successful sandwich, so I have taken that into account when testing out these gourmet lunchbox fillers! 

BBC Good Food – Best Ever Crab Sandwiches 

If you have shudderingly awful memories of crab paste sandwiches, and even worse, crab paste sandwiches left in your lunch box all morning on a warm day.  The sense of disappointment at opening that lunch box being almost palatable, then this sandwich is one for you!  It will wipe away all those awful lingering horrors, and replace them with delicious and tasty ones.  Now first off, this recipe does yes, call for you to buy a crab etc – HOWEVER before you scoff and laugh, buy a dressed crab, so its all done for you, you need do nothing more than scrap out the contents!  Or even more easy buy tubs of freshly cooked crab meat, in neat lil tubs and use that (avoid tinned crab meat if possible, but if you have some in the cupboard give it a whirl!).  I used fresh granary bread when I made these, however any freshly basked decent loaf will do just fine, and I would think that doorsteps of crusty white bread would be heavenly.  If you keep the mix decently non-soggy (by adding the filling slowly and not overloading it, this sandwich passes soggability and eatability quality control with flying colours!   I rave often about the BBC Good Food site, and for good reason, great recipes and easy to follow steps, make it a perfect cook book. 

Egg Salad Sandwich (The Guardian)

Ahhhhh the egg sandwich, its a classic, and one you cant hide – open your lunchbox and your desk and every work colleague will think you have a bad case of (un)trapped wind or know you are chowing down on a egg sarnie.   If you follow this link to the Guardian's site you will have the bonus of 9 more great sandwich recipes to try – I choose the egg one, (because that is what I had in my cupboards – eggs) and its really quite yummy, with the added bonus of having an ingredient list so simple it is more than very likely you will have the ingredients already in your cupboards, just waiting for the starters whistle.  I made this sandwich with crusty fresh white bread it was a perfect pass on the soggability test and again don't overload it and eatability is perfection – loved this egg sarnie with a bit of a crunch!


Jamie Oliver's Reuben-ish Sandwich

I feel like I have been a bit naughty including this one sandwich – I am not sure why – I think perhaps because you gotta do some toasting, and employ skewers to have a chance of it staying together, but the thing is, it is truly delicious!  When you first look at this one, you could be forgiven for thinking that buying the ingredients will break the bank, however actually its one of the cheaper ones.  I could become slightly addicted however, and once I had invested in a jar of sauerkraut and Swiss cheese I had to keep making them until those ingredients were exhausted!  Because it is toasted bread – soggability cannot really be assessed, however eatability is a rather low score – and this sandwich is one which requires your full attention.


Delicious Magazine – Coronation Chicken

This was the one sandwich, I wanted to go and hunt out – created in 1952 for the Queen's Coronation, Coronation Chicken has become a minor British success, but has been mainly relegated to the sandwich aisle in a supermarket.  I was shocked when I went searching out recipes, just how many there were with a shockingly huge list of instructions and ingredients.  That is never going to cut it for in the sarnie steaks – so when I came across this recipe on the Delicious Magazine site, i happily gave it a go.  So so simple to make but predictably fruity, spicy and delicious, served on any fresh bread you fancy, with a plenty of crisp iceberg lettuce, its truly delicious!  Eat it freshly made and there will be no soggability or eatability problems – leave it for a few hours and I wont be held responsible for the mess in your lunch box!


Of course the sandwich can and very often is a much more humble creature – so I asked all the Raberry'arians what their favourites were:

  • Bacon Lettuce and Tomato (with Mayo)
  • Chicken and Stuffing
  • Cheese and Pickle (if it ain't broke don't fix it)
  • Cheese, onion and mayonnaise (that was mine yummy)
  • Chicken(or Tuna), sweet corn and mayo
  • Ham, cheese and Tomato

It was also almost universally agreed, that if you are going to have to keep your sarnie for a while – cucumber is the scourge that should be avoided at all costs – causing not only sogginess, but for everything else to eventually taste like cucumber!


What are your favourites!