Scream – It’s a Horror Fest

Before we begin I have to say I was never a big fan of horrors be it movies or books, but in the last few years I have been drawn to them in my need to get a fix of having the living daylights frightened out of me!


For some reason we as humans need that scare thrill; be it jumping out of perfectly good airplanes or getting on the scariest ride at an amusement park we need that buzz and sometimes nothing is better than finishing a book that has totally left you questioning every sound and shadow, falling asleep only to meet those very same fears in your dreams. Quite simply put, we love a good scare be it from the masters of horror Stephen King, Clive Baker, Dean Koontz or one of the up and coming authors now appearing on our beloved Kindles.

It is these new authors that we take a closer look at many I assure you will surprise you – even shock you with their work, using their words like a surgeons blade removing your outer protection procuring those deepest fears and taking them on the darkest of journeys.

Anya Allyn is an author whose talent for dark and scary is masked only by her own beauty, but don’t be fooled as this surgeon of words will take you on a Paranormal / Supernatural, roller coaster in her Dollhouse Trilogy inspired from a trip to the Barrington Tops region of Australia she has a way of making the most beautiful places into a nightmare of darkness and fears, if you have not read any of her works you are in for a treat maybe not quite the right word but when you have read one of her books you will understand what I mean and in her own words

I spend so much time plotting; I swear my mind is starting to warp…. At the moment, Book #3 of the Dollhouse series is in the depths of a dark, terrible place and I am wondering how far I should go

Barrymore Tebbs a writer who oozes Darkness describing himself as “…a writer of Gothic fiction, combining elements of horror, romance, and the psychological thriller”. A lover of the Hammer House Studios, his The Haunting at Blackwood Hall showcases his mastery of dark gothic scenes; most definitely an author to keep an eye on.

Matthew Grant unleashes Dark Secrets a Young Adult Paranormal Occult Horror and the author of Slaters Falls and the Northbridge series has a knack of leaving you wanting more!

Griffin Hayes is another up and coming paranormal thriller writer whose words will have you transfixed as you follow his tales of horror the author of Malice and Bird of Prey is quickly establishing himself in this genre and one we are going to be hearing a lot more about, his book Dark Passage had our reviewer hooked from the start.

These are just few authors we have highlighted there are many many more such as K V Witten whose Helmort adds another twist to the already well documented franchise of Dracula not only does she produce a novel taking on one of horrors best known works but her imagery and descriptions shows an author who loves her work which brings us to the intriguing Annette Gisby who is growing in stature with her Silent Screams delving deep inside her readers having them sitting on the edge of their seat and last but not least of the authors we have looked at is John Grover a Horror and Fantasy writer who is very much growing in stature his latest offering Frozen Stiff only goes to confirm this guy can write.

With so much great reading material out there and not unlike the independent horror movie scene which spawned a cult following we are now seeing indie authors gaining the same notoriety, as their work is reaching a much wider audience made available by the now standard accessories of e-readers, and when you find your hidden gem of words don’t just read, it scream it and let the world know!