Scrivener Authors’ Tool Box


As a writer you are either going to fall in love with Scrivener or your not, it is one of those pieces of software that some say they have had a few problems.  But, {jcomments on}being totally honest, I have been using it for a while now and am pleased to say I have yet to come across any bugs or problems.

Scrivener is not your typical word processor software like Microsoft’s Word it really is so much more than that.  Scrivenr offers a almost complete document management system allowing you to keep all your works in one place with the ability to export your finished work in a number of formats such as epub and mobi.

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Taking a closer look under the bonnet of this software reveals a plerotha of features.

Starting with the Corkboard view that allows you to see all your chapters, as they were notes pinned on a board, although I was initially skeptical, I found this a great way of planning and moving around my work.

All your work is kept in a tree like structure under what is termed a Binder Form, here you can have as many projects on the go as you like.  A nice feature is the Inspector which gives you a brief synopsis of the scene or chapter you are about to write from the index card associated with it, which is in turn linked to your corkboard.

Scrivener is very much based on breaking documents up so they are easier to work with while offering the usual tools such as spell check and formatting, it does also offer progress tracking, which can be very handy if you are on a deadline – it tells you how many days you have left, so you know the number of words you need to do a day.  All great tools, I am sure you will agree, but a neat little addition is the Name Generator, how many times have you been rattling your brain trying to come up with that unique name for your character – well with Scrivener all you need to do is choose male or female give it a nationality and in a few seconds you will be looking at a list of names.


There really is much more to Scrivener than the points i have mentioned but the real question IS does it help you as a writer?  The answer has to be  a resounding yes, having everything under one roof makes managing not only manuscripts easier but also your time allowing you more time to focus on your writing and with a price tag of just $45/£27 it really does offer great value for money!

Write here, write now. Scrivener.