Si Cranstoun – Shooting Star

There is a good chance you will have heard the name Si Cranstoun, he is on the kind of upward trajectory most musicians can only dream of, with supporters such as Terry Wogan and Chris Evans!!  But it hasn’t come easy, so we were really excited to get the chance to chat to him about all things music!!

Thank you so much Si for agreeing to have a chat with us, as soon as we came across your music we wanted to know more.  Can we start by asking you tell us a little bit about yourself, and how it feels after 20 years on the busking scene to now be seeing your career on such an upward trajectory? 

Hi – I basically started out as a street busker as a Saturday job in my teens with a school friend it was also a bit of a laugh – it is very surreal and bizarre that it has turned into a career for me and I’m thrilled to bits at having major label Warner Music back me up!!

We have been listening to your music for a few days now, and have been unable to stop once we have started!  It’s original, swinging and uplifting, but can you please tell us how you would describe your sound?

“I like to think of my music like a good medicine!! ie something that when you hear it you feel elevated and if you were feeling low the beats, rhythms & sound of my voice instantly gets you feeling good again!”

However original an artist’s sound might be, there will invariably be musical influences – so who influences you?

“Jackie Wilson, Sam Cooke & Nat King Cole :)”

Song-writing is such a personal thing to each musician – so we are interested to know how you all go about writing your music?  

“Song writing to me is like a wonderful puzzle .. as so many songs have already been written – but the real trick is not what you say ..but how you say it! ..and when I do I pride myself on wrapping it up in the most infectious melodies my brain can create!”

You have just released your latest single – Caught in the Moonlight, (scroll down to have a listen) can you tell us a little more about this, and the recording experience.

“This song was a real pleasure to write as I got to co- write it with legendary British award winning songwriter Tony Macaulay (Build Me Up Buttercup) in his luxury Penthouse .. it was amazing and he’s a true true genius which really helps!”

The internet has managed to worm its way into absolutely everything we do, and this includes in a massive way, the way we find and buy music, as artists do you think the internet has been your friend or your foe?

“I think it’s been both – the net is wonderful for reaching an audience – and hopefully having just created a really strong brand new album  – I can get people that haven’t bought a CD in 20 years buying mine of Amazon! but also I know that a proportion of those that have – have been downloading the music I worked so hard for for free from pirate sites.”

Following on from the question above, it is probably fair to say that it is now possible for artists to get their music heard by an audience which a few years ago would have been impossible for all but those lucky enough to be signed to a major record label.  But has this meant you have had to become jacks of all trades?  More than a singer and song-writer, but having to also be social media, internet and an IT wizard as well?

“Yes! absolutely! – you need to be a promoter, designer, blogger, tweeter ..oh and occasionally you get to sing!”

Success is measured by everyone differently, so I was am very interested to know how you measure success?  Stadium tours? Big name record deal?  Simon Cowell or just being able to play the music you write and so clearly love?

“I think for me – true quality of life is measured by how many smiles & how much laughter you can cram into your day – and I’m very lucky to be doing something I truly enjoy!”

Finally, my favourite question, – if we were all sat down in five years time with cuppa and a few chocolate digestives (only the best!), where do you hope that Si Cranstoun will be? 

“Ha ha ha !! well a decent cup of tea and chocolate biscuits is a pretty comfortable place for the future !! … ok , how’s this: still singing with an ear to grin on my face but looking out to a world that was a load more peaceful than the one from 5 years ago 🙂

We always end every interview with a few ‘just for funs’ – so here are yours?

If you could record a song with absolutely anybody – living or dead, who would it be? – “I would record with – Sam Cooke ( I’d do the lower backing bit in the background).”

What is your favourite film? “Gladiator – Russel Crowe and I had a massive crush on Connie Nielson who played Caesars daughter 🙂 :)”

If you could have 3 words as your obituary, what would they be – “sang for love”

And finally…. Marmite – love or hate? – “Love