Simply Cook – Free Trial Review

I am no stranger to recipe boxes, whilst I love to cook and think of myself as something of a decent cook!  However, like most of us I fall into the trap of the same meals every day!   Apparently most of us tend to stick to the same six meals and, so when it’s time to shake it up a little one of my “things” is sign up for a short while for some recipe boxes!

But this is my first time ordering Simply Cook and so I was excited to see what was in the box!!

But first, what is Simply Cook?

It is a monthly recipe box that gets delivered to your home containing all the spices, stock and seasoning to make 4 different meals for 2-4 people. You are able to choose from a fairly wide range of recipes.

So what do you actually get in the box? For each recipe there is a separate which contains four sections containing 3 little tubs of spices, herb mixtures, curry pastes, stock or meat rubs. (I did note that most had a best before date of at least 10 months so you have a while to use them, which is a bonus over the boxes which contain all the ingredients – also would make good presents for foodie friends).

There is also recipe cards which guide you on how to make each meal, complete with a handy tear off shopping list for what you need to add. If there is a particular ingredient you don’t like it is always possible to substitute. (so for example, if you perhaps you didn’t like prawns you could use chicken instead).

So you do need to add the protein, fresh vegetables, and some staple carbohydrates like rice or pasta which gives you the freedom to make the dishes when you are ready with ingredients you choose for yourself!!

So the million dollar question!  How does Simply Cook taste?  The short answer is that we enjoyed everything we got in the box, and everything really was simple to cook, providing new tastes at a decent price.  My whole family have really enjoyed the fresh and tasty meals and we are going to make SimplyCook a regular addition, not only to our weekday meals but also for special occasion/dinner party cooking what a brilliant way to ensure your meals will have the wow factor.

Simply Cook make it easy to try out the boxes with an offer which sees you paying just £3.oo which covers the post and packing!  The rest is on Simply Cook, which means you can try out the service without bruising your pocket!!  However you may well find yourself as impressed as me!!

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