Snippet – Tech – Olympic Apps

With the Olympics literally just hours away – we took a look at what Apps are available for those of that wish to take the Olympics with us wherever we go! 

There are three official London 2012 mobile apps:

  • The Join In app is available to download now on Android, iOS and Blackberry. 

  • The Results app is available to download now on Android, iOS and Windows Phone 7. 

  • There is also an official mobile game app.

The BBC has also launched a London 2012 BB Olympics app for Android and iOS smartphones.

This app will provide up to 24 streams of live coverage, detailed schedule, results pages, and daily news stories, the app will offer facts, statistics and information for every athlete, country and sport.

There are plenty of others – Reuters is offering a photographic app mainly for the Ipad and for those visiting London there are plenty of Apps to choose from – should the notion take you, you can even download an app to check the air quality!  

The Razberry Team will be sticking to the BBC's app – more than likely dependable!