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Internet Scrabble Club

Yes yes I know, for many people the mere word Scrabble sends them off into a mire of remembered holidays in rainy caravans! But I love Scrabble, I love words, and when I say I love words I don’t mean that flippantly, I mean I truly love them, we use them constantly, everyday for everything – but rarely do we stop and think much about them,using just the ones we need to get by, rather than leaping aboard the Lexicon bus and finding new and exciting ones, but I digress, as anyone who knows me will tell you, my Scrabble credentials are that of a enthusiastic, if annoying when she wins, occasional player.

Internet Scrabble Club

Is There a Free Online Scrabble Game?

The Internet Scrabble Club ( is where I have been playing Scrabble online for many years, others come along; there are many places on Facebook where you can play Scrabble, but the Internet Scrabble Club keeps plodding along, not changing at all. It has an extremely simple Java based interface, you download Wordbiz, which then allows you to connect to their servers and after a simple registration process, start playing Scrabble, in your language, using the dictionary you chose. To find a game to play you enter your requirements (length of game time, and validation process etc.) into a ‘seek request’, and your blob appears in the seek graph, and you can either wait for someone to click your blob or if you see a game you fancy the look of, just click the blob, and then a bit of drop and dragging of letters (and thinking of course), and pressing send and you are playing. The great thing about the Internet Scrabble Club is the ranking system, everybody who plays has a ranking, each new account starts at 0 and for each game won or lost you go up or down some points, other players will use your ranking to decide if they want to play with you or not!, that doesn’t mean of course that someone with a very low ranking is a rubbish player, they may have simply not been playing for long! But where the Internet Scrabble Club differs from other social media/casual Scrabble games is that you get some of the best Scrabble players in the world playing, and special accord is given to those with a very high ranking, with a hush being announced as they log on!

Enjoy Scrabble

Free Online Scrabble Game

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! The Internet Scrabble Club hasn’t changed since I have been playing – about six years – and it really is a very simple interface, absolutely nothing fancy, no swanky animation, no super sounds just a really good game of Scrabble – that you can play on Windows, Mac and Linux!

If you enjoy Scrabble and looking to play online, the Internet Scrabble Club could well be for you and you could, in time, find yourself pitting your wits against some of the very best Scrabblers about!