Snippet – The Slanket…its wrong but we love it

We at Razberry Juice don't claim to be at the forefront of, well of anything really, but we feel like by discovering The Slanket only recently, we have missed out on something that should have been on our radar a while ago!

Simply speaking – The Slanket is “the blanket with arms”.  

The Slanket is available in the UK at



What the folks at Slanket say about their product:

The Slanket is a creation that genuinely came out of a real need. Like most great inventions, The Slanket is a simple answer to the problem of keeping warm: the idea was spawned by a college student in Maine in the US in winter. Living on a student budget in a cold American state in mid winter, Gary Clegg found that he couldn’t use the remote control whilst lying underneath a blanket. To resolve this problem he asked his Mum to sew some arms into the blanket and hey presto – the idea for The Slanket was formed.

A confession is probably due at this juncture, the writer is currently ensconced in a Slanket, as she writes this; well how else are you toproperly evaluate something if you don't fling yourself headlong into it, and fling myself into a pink Slanket I have done and curled up on the sofa with my lappie.

Now, I think The Slanket is great, its incredibly warm, available in a variety of different colours and designs BUT, and its a big BUT, I do believe there should be a set of rules issued with each Slanket! Something along the lines of:

1.   If you have been in a relationship for less than five years NEVER ever let the beau in your life see you, wrapped up in a Slanket, eating chocolate, watching Downton Abbey – things will never again be the same. If its over five years, anything goes, and expectations will be nicely low.

2.   A Slanket is not an excuse for not, showering or getting dressed! It should only be used when you have at some point in the day of Slanket use proved your worth by working, washing or just walking about perhaps.

3.   You may love your Slanket (and I do), but that doesn’t mean your ownership of such should be something that is publicised, think of it as a bit of a dirty secret that is best kept for a November Sunday afternoon, when you are so full of roast beef that you almost cannot get through the 'sharing” (yeah right) box of Malteasers.

4.   If the day ever arrives when you find yourself sitting (or lounging) opposite your significant other, both of you enclosed within your own personal matching, complementing Slankets, be prepared to never have sex again (although the chances are you will have forgotten what it was like anyway if you have reached that level of Slanket use).

The original Slanket starts at £24.99 and with heating bills set to soar, its an investment that may well be recouped in heating savings.