Spooked – but not laughing

Money doesn’t the hit make!  We love a web series here at Razberry Towers, regularly trawling the world wide interweb in search of some original fresh entertainment, and Geek & Sundry, the home of the excellence in web comedy that is The Guild (arguably the funniest web series ever made – unless you know of something funnier….), and Space Janitors, has the best credentials and something that most don’t – money!

So when we saw that there was a new offering from Geek & Sundry, co-written by Felicia Day, who is our absolutely favourite internet celeb (she kinda oozes – “well bugger it, I will just do it myself then”) we were rather pleased and almost excited to have a watch.

Spooked is billed as:

A paranormal comedy featuring the world's cheapest ghost hunters.  Spooked is about a ragtag group of ghost hunters, comprised of their leader Connor (Julian Curtis), occult specialist Morgan (Ashley Johnson), tech aficionado Lindsey (Neil Grayston), fanboy Elliot (Derek Mio) and their secret weapon Piper (Shyloh Oostwald) who can actually talk to ghosts”.

There are thus far just four episodes available to watch, and at around the 20 minute mark each, they are satisfying long for a web series.  However that’s nearly where the good ends, because the big problem with Spooked is that it just aint funny! 

But that is just the start of the problems, because along with being not funny, on the flip side the drama isn’t good enough to carry it either – Spooked is neither a comedy nor a drama! 

The premise, whilst being a very well trodden road is a simple one, with plenty of traction and promise .  A rag tag group of ‘ghost hunters’ in a camper van travel about and solve paranormal problems.   When Connor’s parents died, his sister Piper stopped talking, to anyone but ghosts.  So the obvious solution – form a group of people, who each have their own specialism in the world of the paranormal, and go solve mysteries!! 

The first episode does what all first episodes must do;  its sets the scene for the what is to come, however I found a lot of the dialogue forced and unnatural, and despite it being billed as a comedy rarely funny at all.

I confess I have only watched the first two episodes, and to be honest that was a bit of a stretch, a fellow Razberry Juicer watched the first episode, and then refused point blank to go further.

The acting and the writing is certainly not bad, all the actors can act and the writing is decent, however it just isn’t funny, I found the running from room to room in the first episode down right annoying – however it is worth noting that as a child I absolutely bloody hated Scooby Do – it irritated me from top to toe and head to foot!, and Spooked seems to be attempting that kind of ‘wacky gang’ feeling.

Spooked features some guest stars which will be familiar to many (probably more familiar to Americans, as Spooked is a US show, however as was a Dollhouse fan, I of course immediately spotted Dichen Lachman in the first episode), I think perhaps, slick producing and a bit of money is the scourge of the web series.  A great web series is an amazing find, and they seem to be great when they are struggled for and made on a very thin shoestring.

I am sorry to say Spooked didn’t offer me a laugh or anything new at all.  I think despite the positivity of the independent web series market, Spooked will never be up there with those made from blood sweat and tears.

You can check out Spooked yourself at: http://geekandsundry.com/shows/spooked