Starship Rising “Game Of Thrones in space.”

Starship Rising Movie


"So It Begins…."


Starship Rising is a new movie just about to hit our screens staring our great friend, the very talented and delightful Brooke Lewis.   Brooke stars as Staris a dedicated Federation pilot charged with flying Starhip One – a vessel without equal!


Joining Brooke are a cast of top quality actors including Claudia Wells (Back to the Future), E.J. De La Pena (Jingle All The Way), Marilyn Ghigliotti (Clerks), Darren Jacobs (Hollyoaks TV series) and Music Sensation Emii.

The story revolves around a corrupt planetary federation…
the ultimate weapon of destruction.

One starship captain stands between them….and intergalactic Armageddon.

The film is about what happens when a Starship armed to the teeth with missiles gets taken over by a revolutionary.

Neil Johnson describes it as "Game Of Thrones in space."

brooke lewis

(E.J. De La Pena, Dan Bridges, Director Neil Johnson, Claudia Wells, Marilyn Ghigliotti, Lynn Ayala, Darren Jacobs and Brooke Lewis)

MORPHIUS FILMS releases its first official poster and trailer for its Sci-Fi feature film titled STARSHIP: RISING.


WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Neil Johnson (Alien Armageddon)

Expected Release Date July / Aug 2014

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