Successful Blogging for Beginners – Author Spotlight – Katie Silver


When one of Razberry Juice’s own – Katie Silver – said she had written a guide all about blogging – we knew it had to be good!  Why?  Because Katie is a super writer and an even more super blogger – so we decided it was time to turn the tables, and have her in the Razberry hot seat for some good ole author questions and answers!!

Katie, tell us about your guide please, and why you decided to write it?

Sure, of course!  I have been blogging and writing for many years, and have pretty much developed all my blogging know-how on the job as I have gone along.  However, I am often asked that huge question – “how do I get started”?, and it is not until I actually sat down one day and pondered it, that I realised how very daunting it must be for someone who has never blogged themselves, but would like to start.  I have had the benefit of being there almost from the start which has meant it has been fairly easy for me to absorb and embrace every change and development in the bloggersphere.    

I decided to write ‘Successful  Blogging for Beginners ’ specifically aimed at those who have never blogged before, focussing on being as straightforward as I could be, setting out the steps needed to set up your blog, how to make your content as readable and interesting as possible, how to monetize and make some money from blog and of course most importantly perhaps how to get people to actually read your blog. 

There are so many blogs about, is it really worth anyone new starting a new blog?

Yes, yes and yes, most definitely, because whilst there are literally millions and millions of blogs, there is always room for another good one!  But to make any kind of dent or name for itself, it does need to be a really good blog.  I cannot promise with my guide that you will become a super successful professional blogger who will make their fortune and be able to give up their day job and blog full-time – however if you put in some effort, there is  no reason why you cannot have a successful blog with a loyal readership.

The aim is always not to become one of the millions of blogs which have balls of hay running through them and not a single reader!

You yourself must have some favourite blogs?

Oh yes – and I do go through some of my favourites in my guide – especially the ones which use, in my opinion, a really good blog layout and writing style.

At the moment, I am regularly reading – – and this is a really great example of a hugely successful blog.  The writer Louise is very warm and welcoming and has made blogging her career. is another blog (and vlog/ web series) that actually I got hooked on after reading a Razberry Juice article (yes really) another example of someone being a bit different, fun, friendly and welcoming.

There are so many others, and like many writers and readers, I am bit a of a blog floozy, in that I have no true loyalty and will probably have other absolute favourites next week!

Just one technical question for you – what is your favourite blogging software?

I am quite an independent kinda girl, and am fairly IT literate, so for me it’s WordPress all the way, I think it’s crazily easy to use, and you can pretty much do whatever you want.  However I think for those who are not quite as literate and experienced something like Google’s Blogger is great.  Again ‘plug plug’, I do cover in my guide in depth, different options for which software and services to use!

So – where are your blogs?

Ahhh now you see –  I am one of those who blogs and writes under alias’ so you ya know – if told you – would have to  ……. you, and nobody wants that!   Because writing really is my bread and butter, I write in many guises.

Finally, if you could just one piece of advice to an aspiring blogger – what would it be?

That’s easy – consistency, consistency, be prepared to be consistent, regularly write and post, keep your posts high quality and your blog up to date.  Nothing says ‘unsuccessful blog’ quite like an empty blog.  


You can buy Katie’s Guide from Amazon – and for a very limited time, it is reduced to just 99p/99c!!